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Everything You Need to Know About Duolingo Leagues

Duolingo Leagues are a super competitive way to push yourself to learn a language on Duolingo faster than ever, and this is the Ultimate Guide to Using Duolingo Leagues!

How to advance from league to league, tricks on how to beat the infamously difficult Diamond league, and how to even pause your League progress so that you don’t fall back to the earlier Leagues (like I did!) So here we go!

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Duolingo Leagues Explained: What Are Duolingo Leagues?

What are Duolingo Leagues? Simply put, Duolingo Leagues are competitive groups of 30 different users that Duolingo places you in so that you can compete for who can earn the most amount of XP in one week.

You can find the Leagues under the shield icon on the Duolingo app. If you don’t have the option to join the leagues, you may not have completed enough lessons in Duolingo yet.

Try to complete at least 10 lessons and then check again.

Sapphire league on duolingo
I was so close (1 League away!) to advancing to Diamond League and then I slipped back to here after a few weeks of using Duolingo less ): Gotta get back up there!

How Many Leagues Are There in Duolingo?

There are 10 leagues in Duolingo. It’s the same number of leagues no matter which Duolingo course you are doing (Spanish or Japanese or Navajo!) since you are competing using XP instead of how many crowns or lessons you have finished.

List of All Duolingo Leagues in Order (Order of Duolingo Leagues)

There are 10 Duolingo League levels that you move through while competing with other users.

Here are the 10 Duolingo Leagues in order from the first to last, lowest to highest:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Obsidian
  • Diamond

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What is the Highest League in Duolingo?

The highest league (or top league) in Duolingo is the Diamond League. It is very difficult to reach, but even more difficult to win! We go over how to win the Diamond League later on in this post.

Duolingo League End Time

When do Duolingo Leagues end? Duolingo Leagues’ end time is at midnight (12 am) Monday UTC time. Each week when the league ends, you start in a new league with different users.

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How to Advance to the Next Duolingo League

Each league has a group at the top of the leaderboard that gets promoted to the next league, a majority in the middle that remains in the same league, and a few at the bottom that get demoted back to the league before.

promotion zone in the gold league on duolingo
In the Gold League the top 10 move up to the next league (aka the promotion zone)

The number of people who are promoted or demoted changes depending on which league you’re in. The earlier leagues promote more people (15-20) and the later leagues promote fewer people making it harder to advance (usually only 10 users).

Here is the official number of people who get promoted in each league by having the highest XP earned that week:

  • Bronze – Top 20 Users
  • Silver – Top 15 Users
  • Gold – Top 10 Users
  • Sapphire – Top 7 Users
  • Ruby – Top 7 Users
  • Emerald – Top 7 Users
  • Amethyst – Top 7 Users
  • Pearl – Top 7 Users
  • Obsidian – Top 5 Users
  • Diamond – No Users Promoted

In order to advance to the next league, you’ll need to be in the top users according to that league. Once you get to the last two leagues, it will be much more difficult to advance.

In those cases, I recommend reading the section about how to pause or stop your league so that you don’t get demoted or moved down as well as the section about how to beat the Diamond League which are later on in this post.

You’ll also want to read this post on earning XP quickly and this one about how to use the Ramp-Up Challenge or XP Boost to win Duolingo Leagues.

If you want to learn a language faster than ever, I also highly recommend reading Benny Lewis’s book on how to learn a language in JUST 3 months.

Who Gets Demoted to a Lower League?

demotion zone in the gold league on duolingo
In the Gold League, the bottom 5 are demoted down a league (aka the demotion zone)

Are People or Bots Cheating in Duolingo Leagues?

Did you spend all your extra time getting XP so you can advance to the next league just to have another user magically come out on top?

Or maybe they are earning a lot more XP than you think is possible in that short amount of time.

Although it hasn’t been proven, there has definitely been a conversation about whether Duolingo is using bots in the Leagues to encourage users to spend more time on the app.

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This may very well be true, especially if you click on some of these users’ profiles and they seem a little fishy.

comment about duolingo leagues bots from alfred
For example, one of my readers (Alfred) commented on this post. These users are most likely bots.

When I first read that this might be the case (I think it was on a Duolingo forum somewhere) I was pretty upset and wondered if doing Leagues was even worth it.

However, I still think that Leagues can be fun and motivating if you just don’t worry about whether it’s real or fake, but just focus on how you are spending more time learning than you normally would.

How to Beat the Diamond League on Duolingo

If you are in the last two leagues, it’s notoriously difficult to beat the others in your group. Some of which are definitely real users while others may just be Duolingo egging you on.

Although I haven’t beaten the very last league in Duolingo yet, (I was only one league away when I started spending less time on Duolingo to focus more on writing for this blog!) I still have some tips for how to get there.

First off, definitely pay attention from Day 1 to where your competitors in the league are. If they are earning 50 XP a day, don’t go and earn 100 XP just to beat them in the beginning.

Like when you watch a race, the frontrunner won’t go too far ahead since they don’t need to expend the extra energy to win. Apply that same strategy here.

Duolingo ramp up challenge in Duolingo leagues
You’ll also want to be using as many Duolingo Ramp-Up Challenges or Match Madness as possible! Look for the purple arrows or red flashcards in the corner of the Leagues tab!

Try to keep up with the top 10 people, but stay towards the back of the pack until the last day of the League. On the last day, this is when you’ll want to start pulling ahead.

If you notice that another user is trailing you, you can slow down on earning XP until the final hours of the day.

You’ll definitely want to be earning XP faster than usual, in which case this blog post is perfect for you.

What Happens After the Diamond League in Duolingo?

Although I still haven’t won the Diamond League, a reader commented on this blog (Thanks, Lilian!) and let me know that nothing really happens!

comment that says nothing happens after diamond league on duolingo

According to Lilian, she won the first position in the Diamond League and then the next week, she was still in the Diamond League. Once you win the Diamond League, the only thing that will happen is that you will have earned a new Achievement Badge for getting #1!

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How to Turn Off or Stop Using Duolingo Leagues

If you are sick of competing in Duolingo Leagues, there is one way to get out of using them completely. To turn off or disable Duolingo Leagues, just don’t go to that part of the app.

If you go to the shield icon, it should give you the option to “Continue” which has you join a league.

The reason Duolingo does this is so that you don’t lose your League if you stop using the app.

I joined the Leagues a few weeks in a row when I wasn’t very committed to using the app every day and quickly went from the top leagues to almost the very bottom.

continue button in the leagues on duolingo

What Happens When You Finish All the Leagues

Although I haven’t done this yet myself, I know that Duolingo doesn’t really make a huge deal out of finishing things. Like back in the day, when you finished a Duolingo tree, a small Golden Owl trophy would show up at the bottom of your course.

golden owl duolingo trophy
My Golden Owl from the Spanish to Italian tree!

There isn’t much fanfare about it, and I imagine the same is the case here.

The way that you’ll be rewarded is by Achievements showing up in your profile like the photo below. It shows that I only had one more league to go before advancing to the Diamond League (dang it!)

achievements for advancing to the diamond league on duolingo

After you’ve made it to the Diamond League, the next Achievement to earn is getting first place, which I imagine is incredibly difficult. I’m going to attempt it as soon as I get there and I’ll write about the experience to let you know how it went!

achievement on duolingo for finishing #1 in the diamond league

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Sunday 15th of January 2023

My wife and I are both doing Duolingo French, and we are both in the "diamond league". But she doesn't appear in my list of people in the Diamond League, and I don't appear in hers! Does this sound strange to you???? Do you know anyway to ask Duolingo why this is so? btw, she is on lesson 112 and I am on lesson 53. Is that relevant?

Dayna Brockbank

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Hey Phil! There are tons of Diamond Leagues, so it makes sense you guys aren't in the same one. That way users compete against just a few other users instead of everyone who has made it into the Diamond League. Lessons have nothing to do with it, just that you've both made sure to be in the top of the League each week, but that just means beating the players below you which could be 100 XP or 1000 XP depending on the type of people in your group. I hope that makes sense!

Mary Pat Curran

Sunday 9th of October 2022

I have been in the Diamond League for many weeks now, but am retired and can practice a lot. Some weeks the students in my league are language-fanatics and some accrue 20,000+ points in a few days. I end up scrambling to stay above Spot 20. This week, I have 5,000 points and am (finally!) at the top of my group - well, for now, anyway. I think it depends on how fierce your fellow Duo-students are each week, and what group you are placed in. I also practice before noon daily and get the “double boost” premium that becomes available after 6pm California time daily. That helps.


Saturday 11th of June 2022

I have also received 1st in the Duolingo diamond league and likewise nothing happened, but now we have the diamond league tournament update that is pretty good. I haven’t managed to win it yet but wish me luck! Also for those of you who have Duolingo plus ( now called Duolingo super) you can do the little weight thing in the top right, the speaking exercise is good, you can do it in all languages and I have already got about 15,000 XP from it, which helped get to the diamond league.

Regina A

Sunday 23rd of January 2022

I won diamond league twice. After winning I thought leagues were over but they have diamond sides (like fill in the diamond) you collect so a competition continues within that league. I got busy and was demoted so I had to win the diamond league again and I’m now collecting the sides. I’m not sure about bots but I never understood how some people were winning. I noticed they usually were Duolingo plus. The first time I won I was not plus but there weren’t many people aggressively playing that particular time. I’m now plus and it’s easier to win. My cheat is having audio lessons running all day.

Malachi Penner

Thursday 3rd of March 2022

@Regina A, How do you have audio lessons running all day? Or where can you find them in the app?

No name

Friday 3rd of December 2021

Thank you I was wondering about them.