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Everything You Need to Know About Duolingo Golden Owls

Did you know that after completing all the skills in a Duolingo language tree, you earn a trophy? Yup, it’s called a Golden Owl! I’ve earned 2 Golden Owls so far: Italian from English and Italian from Spanish. I’ve also lost 1 Golden Owl and am VERY close to earning two more. So here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about Duolingo Golden Owls and how to get them!

What are Duolingo Golden Owls

Duolingo Golden Owls used to be small trophies that appeared at the bottom of your Duolingo language tree when you had finished every subject in the course.

Duolingo has since taken away our precious Golden Owls, however, thanks to the Duome we can still see which courses we have earned a Golden Owl in.

Here’s what the Owl used to look like when you scrolled to the end of the “tree” which is now the Path:

duolingo golden at the end of duolingo language tree

You also used to be able to see your Golden Owl on the desktop version and when you clicked on it, a little certification would appear congratulating you for finishing the course.

I don’t understand why Duolingo would take away the sense of accomplishment except for the fact that they might not want you to ever finish the Path so you have to use Duolingo forever!

Duolingo Golden Owl certificate on the desktop website

How to Tell if You Have a Golden Owl on Duolingo

Now that you can’t see your Golden Owl on the Desktop version of Duolingo or the app, there’s only one way left: the Duome website.

On the Duome

The Duome (one of the many best-kept secrets of serious Duolingo users) also displays your Golden Owls. However, I’ve found that it sometimes displays Golden Owls in languages that I haven’t earned it in yet.

On my Duome profile (you can find yours by typing, it shows the language tree that I am currently working on.

I have earned my Golden Owl in Italian from English (Woohoo!! I’ve also earned my Golden Owl from Spanish to Italian!) so the Golden Owl shows up bright and shiny at the top!

Duolingo golden owl on the duome website

At the bottom of the page, it shows all the Golden Owls that I’ve earned from English, HOWEVER, I haven’t earned my Golden Owl in Spanish or French.

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Duolingo golden owls on the duome website

When I change my language in the app to French or Spanish and refresh the Duomo, it shows accurately at the top that I don’t have my Golden Owl in those languages (however, I USED to have one in Spanish…but we’ll talk about that in a second).

At the bottom, it still shows that I have earned it.

Duolingo golden owl on the duome website

You can check to see your Duolingo stats and if you have earned a Golden Owl.

Who Has Earned the Most Golden Owls on Duolingo?

Wondering who the best of the best is?? It’s definitely not me!! Duome delivers on that, too! You can find out who has the most Golden Owls on their website!

Duolingo Golden Owl Hall of Fame on the Duome

You can also see how many Golden Owls have been earned in each language across all users on Duolingo! You can see why crazy people like me nerd out over this site!

Golden Owls earned by all Duolingo users

Can You Lose Your Golden Owl?

Yes, you can lose your Golden Owl! Don’t freak out though, this is actually a good thing in the end. Why? Because it means that Duolingo added more lessons to your language!

For example, I used to have a Golden Owl in my Spanish from English tree. However, since that is a very popular course in Duolingo, they have since added a handful more lessons that I haven’t gone back and completed yet.

Duolingo spanish tree
No more Duolingo Golden Owl at the end of my Spanish tree )’:

All I need to do to get my Golden Owl back is to complete each of those new skills with at least 1 crown each.

The Difference Between A Golden Owl & A Golden Tree

A Golden Owl is when you complete at least 1 crown for each skill. In order to get a Golden Tree you will need to complete and earn all 5 crowns in every skill.

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There is no extra trophy for doing this, but it’s a huge accomplishment! I’ve never gotten a Golden Tree, but I plan to for Italian, French, and Spanish.

The first goal when starting a language tree is to get your Golden Owl. After that, you should then aim to get all 5 crowns in each subject and get your Golden Tree.

Once you have your tree completely Golden, you will have to check on it to maintain it. When you haven’t practiced a skill in a while, the Gold skill will break and you will need to practice to repair it.

Golden Tree in Duolingo versus Golden Owl
Love that 0 Day Streak lol I usually binge Duolingo and then take breaks, I’m not very consistent! Whoops!

Another goal you can have after you get your Duolingo Golden Owl is to reach the elusive Level 25. If you don’t know what your Duolingo Level is, this post will help you figure it out.

It’s a huge motivating factor for me after I’ve already gotten my Golden Owl.

Is it Worth it to Work for a Golden Owl?

A lot of people will tell you that Duolingo is a waste of time, but I don’t agree with that! Of course, Duolingo shouldn’t be the only language resource you use (I’m a BIG FAN of Italki!!).

However, I think that people spend far too much time worrying about if something is effective and not enough time just LEARNING.

Aiming for a Golden Owl will get you out of your own way. Should I pay for a bunch of different courses? Do I need this expensive language book? Am I doing enough? Am I even learning?

Trust me, you are! Just set your goal and get going! (If you’re wondering what the best way to use Duolingo with your study plan is, check out this post!)

Before you know it, you’ll be ordering pastries in France! (Pic in Lyon, France)

Getting your Golden Owl is definitely something to be proud of! I can tell you for a fact that it has improved my language skills and that the languages that I have Golden Owls in are the ones that I speak the best.

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I’ve tried so many different ways to learn a language and the perfect recipe is always the same: Duolingo, iTalki, Netflix, and Music!

So stop worrying about if Duolingo is helping you or not and just put in the hours with your language, you won’t regret it!

If you have a Golden Owl, let me know what language and how many you have! (:

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Saturday 5th of November 2022

Only studying Japanese and have the Golden owl and golden tree with 2 and a half levels legendary will probably change with the new path though 🤣


Thursday 7th of April 2022

Currently working on my Golden Owls in French and German! Have you tried to learn two languages at the same time on Duolingo? I’m currently alternating days spent on each language.


Thursday 21st of April 2022

That's awesome! I am mostly focusing on French, but for about a year I did French and Italian on Duolingo until I got my Golden Owl in Italian, and then just focused on French! I think alternating days is a great idea, especially since the languages aren't too similar so you shouldn't have a problem getting them mixed up.


Sunday 26th of September 2021

Hi, I am currently learning in duolingo for one month, and I have completed two checkpoints in the Spanish course so far. I have also reached legendary level in all the skills in checkpoint 1. I am aiming to earn the golden crown and I will be so happy :)


Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Wow! That's awesome, great job! You'll get that Golden Owl before you know it! (:

Jackie Mullins

Thursday 10th of June 2021

Just received my first golden owl, in German!


Thursday 10th of June 2021

Oh wow! Congrats!! I hear that's a pretty difficult tree as well!


Sunday 7th of March 2021

Hi, 'm pretty new to Duolingo and really appreciate your posts! I have a couple of questions. (1) How important do you think it is to get all 5 crowns on most/all skills? Does it really matter if you don't get them all if you feel like the lessons are too easy and you want to move on? I only got 1 crown each for the first 2 skills in French because it was too easy (I last took French over 20 years ago, although I've forgotten almost all of it). I'm wondering if that will hurt me. I'd rather not waste time on the ultra-easy stuff. I have been getting all 5 crowns on skills since then, but it feels too slow... (2) To confirm, do we need to "repair" a skill (even if we reached all 5 crowns in it) before we can earn the golden owl? Thanks so much!


Monday 8th of March 2021

Great questions! So to your first question, it doesn't matter if you don't get them all! Definitely move on if you feel like it's too easy for you. All that matters for your Golden Owl is to earn 1 crown per skill. For question number 2, You don't need to repair skills before getting the Golden Owl, thank heavens! Once you've reached 1 crown for every subject in your tree, you'll get your Golden Owl. I hope that helps and please reach out again with any more questions! (: