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Who Has the Most XP on Duolingo?

The user with the most XP on Duolingo is Pat159978 with 7,918,158 XP and the user with the second most XP on Duolingo is Faeryeye with 6,877,711 XP.

There is some debate as to who is the user with the most amount of XP on Duolingo. Some accounts are fake or bots and therefore have wracked up an unreal amount of XP and we can’t be sure if those accounts can be trusted.

Where to Find the Users with the Most XP on Duolingo

If you are looking for a Hall of Fame or a list of users with the highest Duolingo score, there are a couple of places you can look! The first place is on the Duome website, which has a list that ranks users with the most amount of XP.

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duolingo unofficial XP hall of fame (list of users ranked by XP)

The Duome XP Hall of Fame is split up into a few categories. The first is “Questionable” meaning that although these accounts may have the most amount of XP, they are most likely bots and not actual people.

questionable accounts with the most XP

The second category is the list with users that are most likely real people that have earned an insane amount of XP on Duolingo and deserve to be honored on the Hall of Fame!

the users with the Most XP on Duolingo
Pat has the highest XP on Duolingo!

The next place you can check for a list of users with the most amount of XP is in the Duolingo Forum. On this page is a user’s unofficial Hall of Fame List.

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You can scroll to the bottom of that forum as well to find other Hall of Fame Lists that other Duolingo users have made.

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