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How to Reach the Duolingo Diamond League & Win

Let’s be honest, nowadays, if you want to learn a language in an easy and fun way, you head to one place: Duolingo. With all the gamified learning techniques, the nagging notifications, and competitive streaks, it’s tailormade to keep you coming back day after day and improving your language skills.

One of the most used features in Duolingo is the leaderboard and leagues. The best of them all? The Duolingo Diamond League. So, what is the Duolingo Diamond League and how can you make it to the top?

Let’s dive in and find out!

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What is the Duolingo Diamond League?

Duolingo Diamond League is the top weekly league in the Duolingo canon. There are ten different league categories in Duolingo that you need to work through to get to the top: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian, and Diamond. 

Once you finish in the top 15, 10, or 5 (depending on the league) you move up to the next league level, until you reach the Diamond League. When you’re there you can’t go any higher, so you’re trying to beat everyone else for the number one spot and the legendary title.

Each week the lowest three learners in the Diamond League get demoted, so the incentive is still there to keep learning.

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How Do I Enter the Duolingo Diamond League?

You can enter the Duolingo Diamond League automatically by climbing through the ranks of the other Duolingo Leagues. The more XP you gain, the higher up the leaderboards you go. 

Even though you can only see 10 or so people in your leaderboard, there are actually dozens of Ruby, Emerald, Bronze, and Pearl leaderboards. When one is full, Duolingo opens another one at that level.

So, you might actually be battling 100 people for that top 10 places to move to the next leaderboard, you just can’t see them yet!

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There are no given XP criteria to hit for the Duolingo Diamond League, we’ve seen people with as low as 2000 XP get into it and work their way up to win, but some people have gotten in with 7,000 XP and struggled while they’re in the league.

It depends on the language, the popularity, and honestly changes week to week. 

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5 Tips to Get to or Win the Duolingo Diamond League

So, what tips and tricks are there for working your way up the Duolingo leagues and getting yourself that coveted number one legendary slot? Here are some of the best-hidden tips for boosting your XP in Duolingo.

1. Refresh Your Old Units

An easy way to boost your XP and help you get up the leaderboards is to go back over old lessons, topics, and units. You can normally refresh each lesson five times, and each time includes fewer hints and even timers toward the latter versions.

At this point, your lesson icon will turn bright, shimmering gold, showing it as complete. 

However, once you get up to the higher leaderboards, including the Duolingo Diamond League, you unlock a legendary version of each lesson. This has no hints and is against the clock, but you can secure extra XP and achieve a royal purple ring around your golden badge.

If you hit legendary status on one unit, it’ll normally offer you a temporary double XP reward if you continue to get legendary status on other topics.

So, once you have one in the bag, you can be getting 40 XP for each refresher that you do for the next 15 minutes or so. It’s an awesome way to get a whole chunk of XP in a relatively short amount of time.

2. Start Later in the Day or Week

This might sound counterintuitive, but the super intense Duolingo users tend to start early in the day on a Monday to give them the full week to build up all that XP. These are the people who do Duolingo all the time and end up with like 12,000 XP in one week. It’s insane.

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The later in the day you leave it, the higher your chance is of being put in a Diamond League with users who are a bit more chilled and overall lazier. If you have any streak freezes saved up, join a league later in the week on a Tuesday or Wednesday – it gives you less time to build up your XP but you’ll be against less intense people to start with.

Remember when one league is full, Duolingo starts a new one with the other late-to-the-party people. This gives you more chances of winning your specific Duolingo Diamond League.

3. Mend Your Broken Heart

Another quick way to build up your XP and add to your overall tally is to fix your broken hearts. These are your commonly made mistakes, and by going back and fixing them you get extra points. At the moment, you get 20 XP for every 10 mistakes that you fix, so it’s a super quick way of building up your total and rising through the leaderboards.

Besides, 20 XP might be the difference between staying in the Diamond League and getting demoted down to Obsidian!

4. Top Up Your XP with Duolingo Stories

Stories are a great opportunity to learn the more conversational language and use your new skills in a given context. They’re also a great way to boost your XP and help you fly up the leaderboards.

Although the XP return for completing Duolingo Stories is pretty low, to begin with, the more of them you complete, the harder they become and the more they’re worth.

If you hit level 14 of Duolingo Stories, you can get 28 XP per story. That’s massive. You can easily add 100XP to your total in no time with four stories on top of your daily lessons. 

5. Make Sure to Increase Your Daily XP Target

When you initially sign up for Duolingo, you set a daily XP target that you have to hit to maintain your beloved streak. Normally, you set it pretty low until you start to get a hang of the language, but we can often forget about this limit when we’re trying to beat others to the top of the Diamond League.

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So, if you hit your daily goal, you get an extra 24 XP, which is great, but if you set your target higher, you can get a bonus of 40 XP, sometimes even more. You can change this in your settings by clicking Duolingo Plus and then Edit Daily Goal.

A word of warning – make sure your daily limit is still achievable, otherwise, you might start losing streaks, and motivation, and drop back through the rankings, and that’s definitely not what we want to happen. 

Best of Luck in Winning the Duolingo Diamond League!

If you’re looking to up your language learning game, setting a goal of rising through the Duolingo Leaderboards is a great way to keep you motivated and entertained. You continue to learn more and more of the language as you battle and you’ll unlock more features and better rewards as you go.

Of course, to get the most out of this you’ll want to get a Super Duolingo (previously Duolingo Plus) membership, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run when you’ll be speaking your new language to locals and showing off your legendary badge.

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