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What is XP in Duolingo? (And How to Find Out How Many XP You Have!)

XP in Duolingo stands for Experience Points and they are rewarded whenever a user completes a lesson or story. Your XP in Duolingo determines your language level (which you can find here!) and also can help you advance in the Duolingo Leagues.

How to Get XP in Duolingo

In order to get XP in Duolingo, you have to complete a lesson within a language course. Each lesson usually will earn you 10 XP.

10 XP for a Duolingo lesson

You can also complete stories if your language course on Duolingo has stories available. For each story you complete, you can earn 14 XP. You will earn less XP if you get any questions wrong while doing the story.

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14 XP for Duolingo stories
10 XP to restore a duolingo lesson

Another way to get XP is to restore broken skills for 10 XP. You have to first get all of the crowns in that skill and turn it gold in order for you to be able to restore it.

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If you want to get XP faster, here are the 10 fastest ways to get XP! Also, make sure that you are using Duolingo as efficiently as possible so that you aren’t wasting time on the app.

How to Find Out How Many XP You Have

Go to your profile on the Duolingo app (which is the head icon in the middle) and you will be able to see the total amount of XP that you have earned. This number is the amount of XP you have between ALL of the courses that you have done on Duolingo.

So in my case, this adds up English to Spanish, Italian, and French as well as my courses from Spanish to Italian and French, etc.

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profile on duolingo that shows total XP earned

If you want to see how much XP you have in just ONE course, you will need to use the Duome website. To do that, you will need to type in Duolingo.

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For example, mine is From there, you can see all the stats of the course that you are currently on in Duolingo.

Duome shows total XP for each language

To see another language, just change your language course in the app and then refresh the Duome webpage and it will show the stats for that language instead.

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