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Restore Skills on Duolingo: A Simple Guide

When you have earned 5 crowns in a skill in Duolingo, your skill will turn gold! However, you’ll notice that soon after it turns to gold, it breaks. You’re given the choice to practice the skill to restore it, but what does that mean? Keep reading to figure out how to restore your skills on Duolingo, why you even have to restore skills at all, and what happens if you DON’T restore them!

UPDATE: You no longer restore skills on Duolingo. Instead, you can review the lesson or complete the Legendary Level.

How Do You Restore a Skill on Duolingo?

In order to restore a skill on Duolingo, you click on the skill and hit “practice.” You will earn 10 XP for practicing and it will turn your skill back to gold!

However, after a while, it will break again and you will need to practice the skill again to restore it.

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practice skills to restore it on Duolingo

Why Do You Have to Restore Skills on Duolingo?

Duolingo has you restore skills on Duolingo since it’s natural that you start to forget things that you have learned after a certain period of time and that you will need to practice them again.

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The app has set a certain period of time before the skill breaks and you have to restore it that is based on how long it takes for you to forget something.

gold skills on Duolingo

This is called spaced repetition and allows you to practice something right before you are about to forget it. However, I think that Duolingo has you restore the skills way too often. Which brings us to…

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What Happens if You Don’t Restore a Skill on Duolingo?

It isn’t necessary to always restore your skills on Duolingo. In fact, with languages that I know well, like Spanish, I don’t bother to restore the skills at all.

I know the basics and it would be a waste of time to restore those skills instead of focusing on more advanced skills that appear later on in the Duolingo tree.

broken skills on duolingo

If you are trying to earn a lot of XP as fast as possible, then restoring your skills each day is a quick way to do that.

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However, it can easily become a distraction and you end up spending your time each day restoring your skills instead of learning anything new.

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