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Is Duolingo Free? How and for How Long?

Yes, Duolingo is absolutely free on both mobile and desktop. All of the lessons available on Duolingo are included for free as well, unlike other apps that have some lessons for free and others that come with a paid subscription.

Duolingo is free on all mobile apps, including on iPhone and Android. It is also free using the desktop version.

P.S. If you don’t use the desktop version yet, it is a great way to earn XP super fast!

There is a paid version of Duolingo, which is Duolingo Plus, which only includes a few extra features like being able to use it offline and not losing hearts or health when you make mistakes.

You can find out more about Duolingo Plus and whether it is worth the price in this blog post.

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Will Duolingo Be Free Forever?

So Duolingo is free now, will it be free forever?

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According to their homepage: YES! And thank goodness. I would hate for all those XP I’ve earned to go to waste!

You can rest easy knowing that Duolingo plans to stay free forever.

How is Duolingo Free?

By using ads to monetize their app (like I use ads to monetize this website and make it possible to continue to write articles!) they can keep Duolingo free forever. Plus, many users choose to upgrade to Duolingo Plus to avoid ads, which also keeps Duolingo free.

Learn a language on Duolingo for free forever

But why is Duolingo free? Duolingo is the largest language learning app available and they pride themselves in making language learning free and accessible to everyone.

I seriously would not be able to learn languages without italki (I’m taking 3 classes per week right now) try out a class and you’ll thank me later. They’re usually $9 or less per hour!

Is Duolingo Free for teachers?

Yes, it is! Read this “Duolingo Guide for Teachers: How to Use Duolingo for Schools” to see exactly how you can implement Duolingo in your classrooms for FREE.

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As a Spanish teacher myself, I wish I had known about this when I was teaching high school!

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