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How to Visit the Hilltop Village of Aspremont, Nice

Aspremont, Nice is one of the sixteen hilltop villages known as the “Perched Villages” that is located just 10 km from Nice! It is known for its houses and buildings being built in concentric circles which makes it look incredibly beautiful from afar.

With a population of only about 2,000 people, it’s a perfect little getaway from Nice!

Is Aspermont Worth a Visit?

Aspremont is super easy to get to from Nice and it’s a beautiful town with incredible views of the area.

However, if you’re only going to be in the area for a few days then you might want to consider visiting Peillon, Peille, La Turbie, Eze, or Menton instead.

Aspremont Nice Google Maps
On Google Maps you can see the concentric circles that form Aspremont Village

Aspremont is usually visited as a starting point to hike the nearby Mont Chauve, so if you’re into hiking and want to see the highest view of Nice then Aspremont is a great starting point!

If this isn’t your first trip to Nice, then this is definitely an off-the-beaten-path option that would be perfect for you! You can visit the small village in just a morning or afternoon.

How to Get to Aspremont from Nice

There are multiple ways to get there but the fastest way is taking the L1 to Bus 76. From Place Garibaldi, take the L1 Metro “Henri Sappia” to the stop “Comte de Falicon.”

Then walk to the 76 Bus Stop at “Place Fontaine du Temple” and get on Bus 76 Direction “Saint Blaise Village/Castagniers.” Get off at the “Village” stop.

Directions to Aspremont Nice
Type “Aspremont” into Google Maps and click on public transport to find the best way for you to get there!

You’ll know you’re there when you see the hilltop town from the window! This trip should take about an hour but varies depending on where you are staying in Nice.

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Pro Tip: While in Nice, make sure to buy a 10-trip Ligne d’Azur card from the machines at the metro stops and it will save you 50 cents per trip! You can get on as many subways and buses as it takes to get to your destination in under 75 minutes.

What to Do in Aspremont Village

Get Great Views From the Front of the Village

Right at the bus stop you already get incredible views of Place Sainte-Claude and Aspremont Village looming over the valley.

Aspremont Village
Aspremont Village

Wander the Town

You really can’t visit a hilltop town without just forgetting about your tourist checklist and just wandering for a bit!

Aspremont Village

There are so many adorable corners and cute details around the town that you can take in as you walk around.

Aspremont Village

Can you find this wall in Aspremont? The cat in the window is actually a painting!

Aspremont Village
girl standing in Aspremont Village
Me pretending to be a Disney princess

Visit the Aspremont Church

After you’ve wandered the town, start heading up towards the steeple that can be seen throughout the village. It’s not hard to find!

girl standing in front of Aspremont Church

Visit the Second Church on Rue Marius Ferrier

There’s another church on Rue Marius Ferrier that blends with the other buildings! Jake didn’t even see it at first!

girl standing in front of Aspremont Church

Walk Down La Rue des Soriers

The walkway down Rue des Soriers is decorated with emblems of the city and it’s “twin town” in Italy: Montechiaro d’Acqui.

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Rue des Soriers in Aspremont, nice

If you peek up at the buildings above, you can spot little hearts carved into the shutters!

Aspremont, Nice

Climb the Stairs on Rue des Soriers for a Great Viewpoint

On the right side of the Rue des Soriers you can see a set of stairs that leads up to a concrete platform with really beautiful views of the surrounding villages and mountains.

view of villages outside of Aspremont

Hike a Half-Mile to the Aspremont Viewpoint

After you’ve visited the village, make sure you head up to this viewpoint to see Aspremont from above! It’s only about a 10-15 minute walk from the start of the Chemin de la Valliere which you can find at the point I’ve marked on the Google Maps below.

Start of hike to Aspremont viewpoint

It’s right as you’re walking downhill to leave Aspremont. You’ll see a small children’s playground and the trail starts right next to there.

This is also the start of the Mont Chauve hike and the viewpoint is along the way if you want to keep hiking!

The viewpoint is breathtaking and shows how Aspremont is surrounded by huge mountains and valleys.

Aspremont from viewpoint

This is the exact location of the viewpoint where we took these photos. It’s not an official viewpoint and the trail is a bit overgrown, but it’s definitely worth a short hike to see views like this!

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Aspremont from above

Hike to Mont Chauve

If you’re up for a bit more hiking after visiting the viewpoint, you can keep hiking on that trail all the way to Mont Chauve!

hike to Mont Chauve from Aspremont
View of Nice from Mont Chauve Hike

A lot of people visit Aspremont as the starting point for their hike up to the fort on Mont Chauve, where you can see the whole coast of Nice.

You can either hike to Mont Chauve and then head back to Aspremont to bus home or you can continue hiking towards Nice and take a bus from the Auberge du Torteo bus stop.

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