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What is the Duolingo Legendary Level & How to Earn It

Have you spotted the Legendary Levels on the Duolingo app? Here’s exactly what you’ll need to do to earn the Legendary Level on your Duolingo Path, including how many XP these levels earn, and why Duolingo has added them.

What Are Duolingo Legendary Levels?

The Duolingo Legendary Level is a feature on Duolingo that allows you to complete one more lesson after completing all the lessons in a Unit in order to earn 40XP and turn that Unit gold.

So you can only earn a Legendary Level after you’ve finished every lesson in that Unit.

Once you’ve done that, you can click on the Unit and see the options below:

legendary levels on duolingo

How Much XP Do You Earn From a Legendary Level?

Each Legendary Level earns you 40 XP.

How Many Legendary Levels Are There?

There is currently only one Legendary Level per Unit, and once you have achieved that and the Unit has turned gold, you can only review the Unit for 5XP. You can’t earn any more Legendary Levels.

legendary level for 40XP in duolingo app

Why Did Duolingo Add the Legendary Level?

It’s Duolingo’s answer to the problem of always going back to easier lessons instead of moving on to more difficult lessons.

Not every user feels this way, but a lot would feel like they needed to go back to easier lessons to “restore” them back in the day. But now you earn Legendary Level one time, then you are forced to move down in the Path.

You could easily lose a ton of time going over those first few skills over and over instead of moving down the Path and learning new things.

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So to solve this, Duolingo introduced the Legendary Level just one time, then the opportunity to review that Unit for 5XP. I think they made the Review such a low XP amount to discourage users from doing old Units over and over again.

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Do Legendary Levels Break or Crack?

No, Legendary Levels don’t break or crack like they used to, they stay gold and don’t change after you’ve earned it.

This is what Legendary Levels used to look like when they broke and were purple:

Legendary Level breaks on Duolingo

What is the Point of Duolingo Legendary Level?

The point of the Legendary Level is to force you to keep moving down the Path instead of repeating easier lessons that you have already finished.

You also might be able to earn Legendary Level Duolingo Golden Owl if you have your whole Path completed up to the Legendary Level.

Besides that, since they don’t break, you earn them once and they last forever (at least, that’s how it’s set up now, Duolingo loves to change things).

Should You Complete the Legendary Level of a Unit?

Unless your goal is to earn a bunch of XP really fast, I would skip doing the Legendary Levels, since Duolingo changes its mind often and these could disappear or become something else at any time.

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For example, look at the screenshot below of what Legendary Levels used to be and it would turn your Unit purple instead of gold:

Legendary Level Challenge

How to Earn a Legendary Level

In order to earn a Legendary Level, you’ll need to first complete all the lessons in the Unit. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to click on the Unit and it will give you the option to earn the Legendary Level.

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What Happens if You Make a Mistake in A Legendary Level Lesson

You used to be able to only make a certain number of mistakes in a Legendary lesson, but now it’s based on your health. I no longer lose hearts when I make mistakes, even though I don’t have Super Duolingo, so I can make as many mistakes as I want.

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What Does a Legendary Level Look Like?

Once you complete the Legendary Level, your Unit will turn gold!

gold legendary levels in the duolingo path

Plus (for now, these change often), you’ll earn the Legendary Achievement along the way once you’ve completed 10 Legendary Levels!

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Wednesday 9th of November 2022

Now if you make a mistake you have to pay more gems to continue. Total bs but clearly done to force more people to subscribe.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Another good way to get points faster is to use the fifteen minute double boost in legendary....80 points per lesson


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

I have legendary levels that crack every so often.

Basler Biker

Wednesday 9th of February 2022

Legendary isn't required at all to progress in the three. At any time a maximum of 3 skills may appear cracked, but you can simply leave them like that. You don't gain anything by trying to restore them over and over again. Simply go on with the non-cracked and the cracked as if nothing happened.

So rather than "inventing" a new feature, better had been that DL explains WHY they crack, and A REAL FEATURE would have been to offer a good (read: working) "aging" algorythm for words to be rehearsed. THAT is what users were looking for, and isn't there AT ALL. (the current "aging" indicator on "word list" ISN'T working)


Monday 10th of January 2022

Legendary (purple) levels crack. 🤷‍♀️ I haven't found a reason they benefit other than further practice. But since I have the gems to do it free, I often do.