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Is There McDonald’s in Croatia?

So, the question on everyone’s mind is – is there a McDonald’s in Croatia? Actually yes there is! There are 37 McDonald’s restaurants across Croatia, predominantly in the major cities.

Where Can I Find McDonald’s in Croatia?

If you’re looking to get your fill of Big Macs and delicious fries, you’re more likely to find McDonald’s in the major cities and in the more tourist-heavy areas of Croatia.

Staying in Zagreb, Split, or Zadar? There are a couple of McDonald’s franchises in each of these cities with more Golden Arches deliciousness towards the coast in Sibenik, Porec, and Rijeka.

There are more and more branches opening every year, so if there’s not one close to where you’re staying yet, keep your eyes peeled.

Mcdonald's in Croatia

Alternatives to McDonald’s in Croatia

If you’re wanting something fast and tasty, but aren’t really feeling a McDonald’s, Croatia has plenty of other options to keep your hunger at bay. Let’s check some of them out.

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Fast Food Gricko 

Looking for your typical fast-food fare of pizzas and burgers in little booths across Croatia? Fast Food Gricko is a super popular and reliable choice.

It’s less of an official fast-food chain and more the name for a type of fast food restaurant, like a burger shack or waffle house. 

Whether you’re on the go and need something filling, or you’re coming home from a night out and need some drunk food, this Croatian staple is bound to hit the spot.


Wanting to enjoy fast food without the heavy feeling afterward? Successful Croatian chain, Surf’n’Fries don’t use any oil in their delicious menu which features fries, wedges, nuggets, chicken wings, and hot dogs, as well as chocolate-coated fries!

We wouldn’t say it’s exactly a health store, but with fun surf-themed branding and a great reputation that is expanding across Eastern Europe, it’s a firm favorite. 

Submarine Burger

Can you go wrong with a good burger? We don’t think so. Submarine Burger has a huge reputation all across Croatia and serves up delicious food not only in their 13 restaurants but also in numerous “dark kitchens” across the country.

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Essentially dark kitchens are sites where you can cook food specifically for delivery using apps like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and more. It’s way cheaper because you don’t need the space for a service counter or tables!

Don’t Worry, You’ll Find Your McDonald’s Fix in Croatia!

All in all, whatever fast food you’re in the mood for, chances are you’re going to be well-fed in Croatia.

Whether you want to stick with the familiar and reliable Mcdonald’s or branch out into more local fast food, you’re in for a tasty time.

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