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Is There Starbucks in Croatia?

Does Starbucks exist in Croatia? No, there is not a single Starbucks in Croatia! Starbucks has even stated that they have no plans to open in Croatia.

Why Is There No Starbucks in Croatia?

Although there isn’t any concrete information from Starbucks as to why they’ve decided not to open a Starbucks in Croatia, it is obviously linked to whether or not they would make money there.

Like other countries in Europe, there is a specific cafe culture that is unique to Croatia. In order to be successful, Starbucks would need to change parts of their business model to match the Croatians habits.

Starbucks drink iced caramel macchiato

In Croatia, going out for coffee is a completely different experience than just the “grab and go” style in America.

Instead, Croatians meet for coffee for business or to see a friend, but tend to stay for really long periods of time while just drinking one coffee.

You can imagine why Starbucks wouldn’t really love that business model!

In fact, a lot of people think that Starbucks plays loud and obnoxious music just to make sure people don’t stay too long working or talking and some think that they’ve made the chairs more uncomfortable for that reason as well.

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Starbucks Substitutes in Croatia

In Croatia, there aren’t any chain coffee restaurants so you are going to have to find the best place nearest you.

Let’s go down the list of the best cafes to visit in each of the most visited cities in Croatia:

Quahwa in Zagreb

Reviews on Google: 4.8/5 (1,600+)

About: This is Zagreb’s top coffee shop for a reason. They have a super chill, laidback vibe, and super comfy couches. Not to mention the coffee is amazing!

Here you can get an espresso for 11 KN ($1.69) and an iced coffee for 19 KN ($2.93). Not a bad deal for some artesian coffee.

Cogito Coffee Shop in Dubrovnik

Reviews on Google: 4.7/5 (500+)

About: This cozy coffee shop in Dubrovnik is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee in the Old Town.

Here an espresso costs 19 KN ($2.93) and a cold brew costs 38 KN ($5.85). Keep in mind that everything in Dubrovnik is more expensive so these prices make sense.

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Kavana Procaffe in Split

Reviews on Google: 4.7/5 (2,600+)

About: This coffee shop is a little far from the center of the city but it’s worth it! It’s right on the water and the interior is beautiful. Nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee with a view.

Here an espresso costs 9 KN ($1.39) and an iced coffee costs 16 KN ($2.46). This place has the best location on the list in my opinion.

Teo Bar in Rovinj

Reviews on Google: 4.6/5 (200+)

About: Last on the list we have Teo Bar in Rovinj. If you are looking for some good coffee (or some good alcohol) then this is your place! They are a little far from the center but if you want the best this is the place for you.

In this shop, an espresso costs only 6 KN ($0.92) and they don’t have an iced coffee option (bummer). There are not very many coffee shops in Rovinj so if you are looking for your coffee fix then this is your place.

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How Much is Coffee in Croatia?

In Croatia, coffee costs about an average of 11 KN ($1.69) for an espresso and 24 KN ($3.70) for an iced coffee.

This is a little bit more expensive than the rest of Europe but Croatia has some of the highest food prices in the EU. So keep that in mind when you are looking for something cheap to eat.

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