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Is There Costco in France?

Who doesn’t love Costco? An American staple where you can get everything you need in one convenient place, what’s not to love? It’s no surprise that expats are asking if there is a Costco in France.

Well, the answer is yes, there is a Costco in France! That being said, if you’re wanting to find a Costco around every corner, you might be disappointed. 

How Many Costco Branches Are There in France?

At the moment there are only two Costcos in France and both of them are on the outskirts of Paris. 

Although it was announced back in 2014 that Costco intended to have 15 stores in France by 2025, it’s been slow progress and it seems massively unlikely that this target is going to be met. 

Costco Wholesale in France

So, while there are definitely more French Costcos in the works, there are only two at the moment. 

Where Can I Find Costco in France?

Both French Costcos are on the outskirts of Paris. The first one is in the South West of Paris in Villebon-sur-Yvette and the newer second one is in the South East in ​​Pontault-Combault. 

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What Can You Find at French Costco?

As you might expect, French Costco has some distinct differences from its American counterpart. Firstly, the baked goods and cheese sections are so much better. I’m talking giant wheels of delicious cheese and full-on pies, pastries, loaves, and tarts. It’s honestly heaven.

On the hot food side of things, French Costco pays homage to its other Atlantic cousins – the French Canadians. That’s right, French Costco serves poutine, and it’s so good. 

Of course, there’s also plenty of delicious French wine and champagne to be bought in bulk. The prices range from reasonable for a small gathering all the way up to eccentric and ridiculous. Either way, you can buy a case of decent wine from regions all around France and beyond.  

French Costco does also sell some American products that can be difficult to find when you’re living in France, so if you’re feeling homesick, it’s definitely worth grabbing yourself a membership.

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Where Are the Closest Costcos to France?

With there only being two Costcos in France at the moment, and there being plenty of land borders with other countries, your closest Costco might not actually be in France.

There are Costcos in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany to name a few, with 28 Costco branches in the UK alone. 

If you’re in the South West of France, it might be worth crossing the border, as there is a Costco in Bilbao, which might be much, much closer than driving up the southern edge of Paris.  

If you’re in the North of France, there is a Costco in Brussels, Belgium which might be a better option for you. With the open travel between EU nations, this is a lot easier to do than it would be in other areas of the world, but double-check your visa before you go out on your Costco adventure!

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