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How to Use Duolingo Offline Without Super Duolingo

One of the main issues with Duolingo used to be that you had to be connected to the internet in order to take part in lessons – something that wasn’t great for people on the go. If you wanted to take five minutes on your subway commute to learn some more Spanish, it wasn’t really possible. But can you use Duolingo offline today?

And if so, how can you use Duolingo offline?

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Can You Use Duolingo Offline?

No, you can’t use Duolingo offline, even if you have Super Duolingo, which is super disappointing. If you don’t have wifi or data, and you’ve opened Duolingo recently, you’ll be able to finish the lessons in the Unit you’re currently on, but nothing else.

So for example, I turned off my wifi and data and now you can see the “you are offline” notice at the top. I had 3 more lessons to finish in the Unit bubble I was working on, and it let me finish all of those. But once I moved on to the next Unit, it said I needed wifi in order to complete those lessons.


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Then I tested it by turning off everything and trying to start a new Unit from scratch, and that did not work. After I had completed one lesson in a Unit with the wifi on, it then let me finish the rest of the lessons in that Unit without wifi.

This is sure to change and may be different for you, but the moral of the story is that you can’t use Duolingo offline, so don’t count on it!

Can You Use Duolingo Offline if You Have Super Duolingo?

Unfortunately, even if you upgrade to Super Duolingo, you still cannot use Duolingo offline.

Considering the steep price of Super Duolingo, this is pretty surprising. You should be able to download lessons ahead of time and complete them on planes or wherever you don’t have a connection.

This is a huge reason why I don’t think Super Duolingo is worth the money with the current benefits they’re offering.

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Will My Progress Be Measured When Learning Offline?

You can only complete a few lessons offline, but yes, your progress will most likely be saved.

Even though my progress was saved, I wouldn’t count on it.

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When I was completing the 3 lessons that Duolingo allowed me to complete offline, my daily challenges, XP, and progress on the Path were updated.

But like I said earlier, I had to have the first lesson of the Unit completed with wifi that same day or it wouldn’t let me complete any of the rest of the lessons without wifi.

Can I Maintain My Streak with Duolingo Offline?

You MIGHT be able to maintain your streak with Duolingo offline, but I wouldn’t count on it unless you have a streak freeze enabled.

In theory, if you open the app without wifi and are able to complete any lessons offline (the only way I was able to do this was by completing at least the first lesson in a Unit with wifi), then when you get wifi it should update.

If you have streak goals you are trying to meet, I would not count on being able to maintain your streak without wifi or data.

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Can I Use Duolingo Offline on Android and iOS?

No, Duolingo cannot be used offline on Android or iOS, with the possible exception of a couple of lessons if you have opened the app recently when you did have wifi.

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What’s the Point of Super Duolingo Now?

One of the main selling points for signing up for Duolingo Plus (Duolingo’s paid, upgraded version) was that you could use Duolingo offline. Now they don’t offer this at all, so there are not too many incentives to upgrade.

Well, there’s a long list of perks, but the headliners are that it’s completely ad-free. You’ll have noticed if you’ve been using Duolingo for a while that ads have definitely increased in between lessons. It’s annoying for sure.

Super Duolingo members will also have access to mistake reviews and progress tests, which can be super motivating to see how much you’ve learned.

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