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Is There Target in France? 

Is there Target in France? Unfortunately, there isn’t a Target in France. This is one American export that hasn’t made it across the Atlantic to France. 

The tendency with French shops is to focus on one thing and try to do it well, which is why multi-purpose, one-stop-shops like Target and Walmart haven’t really translated well over here. 

Where is the Closest Target to France?

Sadly, Target doesn’t have any stores in Europe, so if you’re looking to have that in-person Target experience, you’re going to have to wait until your next trip Stateside.

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That being said, Target has recently launched an international website, with shipping across the EU, so you can get some of your favorites, you just have to pay shipping. This might make it slightly less affordable, but if you really want your Target fix, it is possible while you’re living in France.

French Alternatives to Target

Although France doesn’t really have a straight equivalent of Target, there are some similar big chains that might start to fill the Target-shaped hole in your heart.


Okay, we’re going to start with the closest thing that you’re going to get to Target in France, which is Monoprix. They have some smaller city center stores, but the larger Monoprix has a lot of great clothing and food selections.

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In addition to this, they also have a lot of homeware, including high-quality kitchen supplies for prices that are actually pretty decent. If you’re wanting the closest swap for Target, you definitely need to find out where your closest big Monoprix is.


So, if you’ve ever been to France before, chances are you’ve seen or been in a Carrefour – they’re everywhere. They are predominantly a supermarket, but they have a mix of small city center locations and huge warehouse-style stores. 

In the bigger stores, you can get pretty much anything food-wise, including all the dietary requirement staples that can be difficult to find in French supermarkets. There are whole sections of sugar-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free products. 

There are also tons of amazing snacks, and let’s be honest, who’s ever left a visit to Target without snacks?

Maxi Bazar

If you’re looking for something a bit quirky and weird, head to Maxi Bazar. Mostly focusing on homeware and decor, you can always find the essentials alongside something completely off-the-wall and unnecessary.

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Maxi Bazar isn’t just a homeware store – they’ve also got a beauty section and a good helping of candy to grab on the way round. They tend to be smaller and in city centers, so don’t have that warehouse feel that Targets have, but it can be a good substitute while you’re in France.


One of the times that you really miss having a Target is during the back-to-school period. When you need notebooks, pencil cases, stickers, paints, and art supplies, you don’t necessarily want to be going to one of the fancy French stationery stores.

Graphigro specializes in all things art, office, and craft supplies at really reasonable rates. If you need to top up your paper supply, grab some crafting ribbon or just get another box of pens to replace the ones that always go missing, Graphigro is the place to go.


So, BHV is a little bit fancier than Target and is more on par with a high-end Macy’s. It’s essentially your typical department store with clothing, beauty, homeware, electrical, and art supplies. If France had a one-stop-shop this would be it.

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The thing is, it is a bit more pricey than our beloved Target, but if you’re wanting to just go to one place and get everything you need, BHV is pretty close. 


I mean IKEA hardly needs any introduction, they’re all over the world for a reason. I don’t think you’ll find a student dorm or first apartment without at least one piece of furniture or item from IKEA.

It’s largely affordable, easy, and works the same wherever you are. As it’s a Swedish company, it’s easy to find an IKEA store in Europe. In fact, there are even mini IKEAs that they’re trialing in city centers. 

So, if you’re looking for furniture that isn’t going to break the bank, or you just want delicious meatballs in the IKEA restaurant, you can absolutely rely on IKEA in France.

In fact, Nice now has its own IKEA!

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