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How to Get from the Nice Airport to Cannes

Traveling to Cannes in the south of France? Chances are you’ll be flying into Nice as it’s the closest international airport. So, how can you travel from Nice airport to Cannes? Check out this complete guide to find out.

How Far is the Nice Airport to Cannes?

If you’re driving, it’s 25.4km and a little over an hour along the coastal highway from Nice airport to the center of Cannes. Along this route, you’ll have beautiful, panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding French Riviera.

The train takes a similar route, so is equally as scenic, but is approximately 15 minutes quicker than if you were driving. 

How Can I Get from Nice Airport to Cannes? 5 Different Ways

As Cannes is a popular tourist destination and Nice is the nearest major airport, there are plenty of ways to get from Nice airport to Cannes. Each method has its own pros and cons from convenience to price to travel time and more. Let’s find out more.

Cannes, France
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1. Train

One of the most popular ways to get between Nice airport and Cannes is by train. If you walk about 15 minutes outside of Nice Terminal 1, you’ll reach the Nice Saint-Augustin train station.

From here you’ll be able to pick up a direct train through to Cannes which only takes around 45 minutes, making it one of the fastest transfers on this list.

They’re pretty frequent and only cost six euros each way. It’s a fast and comfortable way to travel, and you can normally buy tickets on the concourse before boarding the train.

Despite the walk around to the station, this is one of the best value options, being relatively fast and not breaking the bank before you even arrive at your destination. If you’re traveling solo or don’t have a ton of luggage, the train is a great option.

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2. Bus

If you’re looking for a slightly slower but more affordable option, or you just want to get there without walking for 15 minutes, there are two types of buses leaving directly from outside the terminal.

So, if you have a lot of bags or don’t fancy the walk to the train station, this might be a winner.

The local bus is only €1.50 and although it takes around 90 minutes, it’s frequent and relatively reliable. As it is a local bus, there isn’t a ton of luggage room, so if you’ve got a lot of cases, maybe opt for the more expensive Express Bus. 

This Express Bus (route 210) is more expensive than the train at €22, with under 26-year-olds being able to travel for €16.50, but it goes directly to Cannes and only takes 45 minutes.

There is also much more space for luggage and is a more comfortable option when compared with the local bus. 

If you want to just roll out of the airport and travel seamlessly to Cannes without having to walk anywhere, this is your option. You can either buy tickets online or get a ticket from the bus driver before boarding.

3. Taxi

It doesn’t matter where you are, taxis are always going to be the most expensive option and outside the Nice airport is no different. That being said, it’s not ridiculous. There’s a fixed rate for four passengers with luggage of €80 for the 30-minute journey.

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Although this is more expensive than many options, if it’s four adults who are over 26, it’s actually more cost-effective and efficient than the Express Bus. If there’s a group of you, it’s worth considering.

It’s good if you can book in advance for convenience, but as it’s a fixed rate, you’re only going to be saving time, not money. That being said, if there’s one or two of you and you’re arriving while public transport is still running, I’d give taxis a miss. 

4. Uber

Good news! Both Nice and Cannes are served by Uber with tons of available drivers normally hovering around Nice airport. Getting an Uber is way more affordable than getting a taxi with the average cost being around €55.

That’s almost half the cost of fixed-rate local taxis. Obviously, this is subject to the time of the day, as well as the standard Uber surges, but still, you’re likely to save a lot of money versus a regular taxi.

The only downside is that you cannot pre-book Ubers in advance so you might end up waiting around at the airport if you catch it wrong. That being said, there always tends to be some within a couple of minutes.

If you want a convenient and fast way to get from Nice Airport to Cannes that isn’t going to be massively unreasonable for a group, an Uber is a good idea.

5. Rental Car

If you’re traveling around the French Riviera and there are a few of you, you might be considering hiring a car. You can find all the big-name car rental companies at Nice Airport, but of course, it’s worth booking your car hire in advance.

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Not only does this help speed up the process, but it’ll also probably be cheaper and there’ll be more choices when it comes to picking the right car for your trip. 

Check where you want to visit in advance, as the train and bus links around the French Riviera are very good and it might be more convenient than driving around throughout your holiday.

It also might be easier to get public transport as a lot of small towns and cities, like Menton, have a centuries-old setup, so parking is in high demand.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get from Nice Airport to Cannes?

The cheapest way to get from Nice airport to Cannes is by taking the local bus from outside the terminal. It takes 90 minutes and costs €1.50.

What is the Fastest Way to Get from Nice Airport to Cannes?

The fastest way to get from Nice airport to Cannes is via taxi or Uber, both of which take approximately 30 minutes depending on traffic. 

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