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Is There a Starbucks in Nice, France?

When you’re traveling around a new place or country, you want to try the local brands and food while you’re out there. However, sometimes, you just want a familiar face.

Starbucks is present all around the world, but is there a Starbucks in Nice on the French Riviera? Let’s dive in and find out more.

Do They Have a Starbucks in Nice?

Yes, they actually have a few Starbucks branches in the gorgeous seaside city of Nice. In fact, I’m literally drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte as I write this!

latte from starbuck's in Nice, France

They’re predominantly located in airports and train stations, you can definitely get your coffee or frappuccino fix when you’re on the go or as a part of your morning commute.

There are a ton of great cafes all across Nice to choose from, however, if you’re not planning on being near one of the Starbucks in Nice.

Where Can I Find Starbucks in Nice?

There are a few Starbucks in Nice, two in Nice Airport, one in Pathé Gare du Sud, one in Centre Commercial NICETOILE, one in the Cap3000 shopping center, and one on Rue Messina.

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So, you have quite a few to choose from, especially if you’re planning on shopping or traveling somewhere else. 

What’s Different About Starbucks in Nice?

So, primarily it is more expensive than in the US, but that’s to do with the cost of the area and the cafe culture in France. You also might not be able to find all your US Starbucks favorites here, as they’re just not as popular in France.

Man writing in his notebook at Starbucks
Photo from Unsplash

You will however be able to find iced coffee – something that’s very difficult to find in France, so thank you Starbucks!

Is There Starbucks in France?

There are so many Starbucks branches all across France. In fact, they have the third highest amount of Starbucks branches in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Turkey.

Obviously, they’re predominantly in major cities, but some larger towns are also getting in the Starbucks spirit!

Is Starbucks Popular in France?

Starbucks is a pretty popular chain across France as there is a huge cafe culture throughout the country. It’s less of a takeout vibe and more where you buy a coffee, sit in, and savor it.

A lady sitting while talking to someone over the phone while at Starbucks
Photo from Unsplash

It’s because of this that coffee and other Starbucks drinks can be more expensive, as you’re expected to take up space for an hour or two. 

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While independent coffee shops and cafes are popular in France, Starbucks is gaining popularity for its range of drinks and consistency. Also, tourists are kind of keeping it ticking over on their one!

Visit Starbucks in Nice Now!

To sum everything up, yes there are plenty of Starbucks available across Nice if you’re looking to get your iced coffee fix or just want to go somewhere familiar.

While you won’t experience the typical French cafe culture that is so prominent, you will still get to have a delicious brew on the go. 

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