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Free Italian Duolingo Vocabulary List (PDF & Flashcard Deck!)

In this blog post, I went over how to find the vocabulary list for Duolingo and how to turn those into PDFs and online flashcards. However, if you’re in a hurry and don’t feel like doing all of that yourself, I’ve done it for you! Below you can download the Italian Duolingo Vocabulary list in PDF and Flashcard form for free!

1. Duolingo Italian Vocabulary List In PDF Form

Here you can download the Duolingo Italian Vocabulary List in PDF form, which comes out to be about 2200 words and 69 pages.

I seriously would not be able to learn languages without italki (I’m taking 3 classes per week right now) try out a class and you’ll thank me later. They’re usually $9 or less!

I put this together by scraping a Memrise course for the vocabulary list, then organizing it so that it looked clean and easier to study.

Also, it was just a list of words with the translation right next to them (like in a Word Document) but this document is organized like an Excel sheet, making it much easier to study.

The best way to use this PDF to study would be to add it to your own flashcards or have a friend quiz you as you go down the list.

Since it’s 69 pages long, you probably won’t want to print the whole thing, but you can choose which subjects are most difficult for you and then print only those pages to study on your own!

2. Italian Duolingo Word List In Pre-Made Anki Flashcard Deck

The absolute BEST way to study these Duolingo Italian Vocabulary Words is by putting them into an online Flashcard Deck.

There are a bunch of steps that you can follow here that can teach you how to do it yourself, but luckily I’ve done it for you! (:

All you need to do is download the app for free from Anki Web to use on your computer. Anki is a free flashcard-making app that is considered the best spaced-repetition flashcard app out there.

It’s used by a ton of famous language learners, like the author behind “Fluent Forever: How to Learn a Language Fast and Never Forget it” and the famous polyglot Benny Lewis of “Fluent in 3 Months”

The main downside to Anki (which I think is still definitely worth it, and I’m super frugal with my money) is that if you want to use it on an iPhone, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $25.

However, you can still use the app completely for free on your laptop/computer or any Android phone.

Now, head to Anki Web and download the correct version for your computer. There are different versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Although there are versions for Android and iPhone, you’re going to need to use the computer version to upload the vocabulary list to Anki.

After you’ve downloaded Anki and made an account, click “Import File” and choose the .apkg file that you can download here:

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    After you’ve hit “Import”, a new deck will appear in your Anki app called “Duo Italian Vocab List” (which you can rename if you want to!) with 2200 words from Duolingo.

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    If you’ve never used Anki before, it’s super easy to use. Basically, it will show you each card at varying intervals until you’ve really learned it.

    Below is a sample card from my Duolingo Italian Vocab deck.

    The card will first show you the word that you need to learn, in this case, the conjugation of “you drink.”

    Duolingo Italian Anki Deck Card

    If you know it you can click on the card and choose how easy it was for you. Based on what button you choose, that is how long it will take for Anki to show you that card again.

    If the card was way too easy and you don’t want to see it again, you can click “Browse” then right-click on the card and press “delete.”

    One of the things I love about this particular Duolingo Anki Vocabulary list is that it includes a lot of verb conjugations along with vocabulary words.

    Also, since you are adding 2200 words at once, that can be quite overwhelming. You can set a limit on Anki to show you only “10 new cards per day” so that you aren’t having to learn so many new words per day.

    Change Duolingo Flashcard Anki Deck

    You can do this by clicking into your deck then clicking “Options” on the bottom and changing the “New cards/day” to whatever number you feel comfortable with (I recommend staying around 10-20 per day!)

    However, your Anki deck will most likely already be set to 10 per day since I added that setting into the deck! But it’s good to double-check to make sure.

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    Another great thing about this deck is that it is going to show you the easiest words first and advance onto the harder ones that are further down in the Duolingo tree.

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