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Everything You Need to Know About Duolingo Monthly Challenge Badges

What are Duolingo Monthly Badges and how can you earn them? Here’s everything you need to know about Duolingo Monthly Badges, plus whether they’re worth the effort to earn them or not!

What Are Duolingo Monthly Badges & How to Earn Them

Recently, Duolingo added a new feature called “Monthly Badges” where you earn 1000XP in one month and then get a special badge for that specific month.

For example, in November if you completed 1000XP in one month, then you earned a badge for “Oscar’s Mustache Marathon.”

Duolingo monthly badge for November

These are completely different than Duolingo Achievements, which you can find if you scroll down to the bottom of your profile on the Duolingo app.

Achievements can be earned at any time, while Monthly Badges need to be earned within the month that it is offered. You can’t earn the May Monthly Badge in June.

Duolingo exclusive monthly badge

What Are All the Duolingo Monthly Challenges So Far?

Here are all the Duolingo Monthly Badges in order:

  • May 2021: Hamamatsu Kite Festival
  • June 2021: Duolingo’s 9th Anniversary
  • July 2021: Eddy’s Big Race
  • August 2021: Oscar’s Duocon Keynote
  • September 2021: Junior’s Field Trip
  • October 2021: Lily’s Jack-o-Lantern Challenge
  • November: Oscar’s Mustache Marathon

Where Can You See Your Monthly Badges?

You can find your monthly badges if you click on the challenge icon for the month that is on the top right-hand corner of the app.

duolingo app interface

From there, you can see your daily XP goals as well as whether you’ve completed this month’s challenge and many XP you need if you haven’t finished it yet.

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There are two tabs in this section: Goals and Badges. The Badges tab is where you’ll find all the monthly badges that you’ve earned so far.

If you haven’t earned any, it will look like this:

duolingo monthly challenge badges section

Once you’ve earned your first monthly challenge badge, it will show up in the “Badges” section.

Duolingo november monthly badge for "Oscar's Mustache Marathon"

Are Duolingo Monthly Challenge Badges Worth Your Time?

I have to admit that earning my Duolingo Monthly Badge was quite anti-climatic since it’s not super easy to get to the Badges section and they just show up there without much fanfare.

I found it a lot more rewarding to earn Achievements and see all the Achievements that you have earned throughout your time on Duolingo.

Another reason why I’m not super motivated by the Duolingo monthly badges is that it feels a bit temporary.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Duolingo got rid of this feature in the future and therefore getting rid of all the badges you’ve earned.

However, if it motivates you to get on the app more then it’s worth it! Just don’t expect those monthly badges to be there forever.

What if My Monthly Badge Doesn’t Show Up Even Though I’ve Earned 1000XP in One Month?

Some users have reported that even after completing their 1000XP in one month. Unfortunately, if this happens it’s probably an issue with the app and it might never show up.

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There is the risk of that happening with any of the challenges on Duolingo, especially since this is a brand new feature.

Even if it never shows up though, your XP will count towards your total XP earned on Duolingo and that is a much more fun achievement to keep track of!

Check out this post for how to track your XP and check your fluency level on Duolingo!

How to Get Your Duolingo Monthly Badge Quickly

There are tons of ways to earn XP super fast (check out this post for more ideas) and since you are on a time crunch to earn your Monthly Badge, you’ll definitely want to utilize some of those hacks.

If you’re like me and consistency is a struggle, here are the 3 fastest ways to get your Duolingo Monthly Badge if you only have a few days left until the challenge is over.

1. Attend a Duolingo Event

You earn 250 XP for every Duolingo Event that you attend. In order to earn the XP, you need to actually join the event.

If you’ve never attended a Duolingo Event before, this guide will walk you through the whole process.

2. Complete High-XP Duolingo Stories

If the language you are learning offers Duolingo Stories, then you’re in luck!

Once you get further down into the more difficult Stories, you can start earning 28XP per story that you complete no matter how many mistakes you make.

duolingo stories

You don’t even need to complete all of the stories before that point to get to the higher-earning stories.

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3. Complete Audio Lessons with Auto-Play On

Not every language has audio lessons, but if yours does then you should definitely be using them! Honestly, they’re my favorite new add-on to Duolingo and I think it’s the direction Duolingo will continue to go in.

duolingo audio lessons
If your language has audio lessons, there will be a headset icon at the bottom of the app.

Instead of typing answers, you actually have to say them. After they introduce all the new words to you, they will even ask you just to translate out loud without giving you the answer which I think is something that has been missing on Duolingo up to this point.

Plus, you can just set the Audio Lessons on auto-play and you don’t even need to touch your phone to do them.

When they as you to repeat something or translate something out loud, it automatically listens for you to talk without needing to push any buttons to start recording.

Then it will continue onto the next lesson automatically. You can complete these lessons hands-free!

You earn 20 XP per individual lesson and there are usually 4 lessons together, meaning you can earn 80 XP if you have auto-play on and you complete every lesson in that section.

duolingo audio lessons autoplay

Have you earned any Monthly Badges? Was it worth it for you? Let me know in the comments!