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Is There Sephora in France? What to Know Before Your Trip

Does France have a Sephora? Yes, there is a Sephora in France. In fact, Sephora is actually a French company that was originally founded in Paris!

Fun fact: did you know that you’re not allowed to take a picture of the storefront of Sephora? I found that out the hard way! Anyway, back to Sephora in France.

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How Many Sephora Locations are There in France?

Although there isn’t an official count, a lot of sites estimate that there are between 300-400 Sephoras in France.

Some of the main cities in France that have a Sephora are:

  • Paris
  • Nice
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Strasbourg

Basically, every big city in France has a Sephora (about double the amount of Starbucks in France!)

You can use this Sephora store locator for France to see if the city you’re visiting has a Sephora.

When Did Sephora Come to France?

Since Sephora is a French company, the first Sephora ever was in France. The first flagship store was opened on the Champs-Élysées in 1997.

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Photo by Unsplash

Sephora Substitutes in France

Even though Sephora is a French company, there are definitely other options for buying beauty products in France! In fact, I bought a lot of my favorite products from Galeries Lafayette when I couldn’t find them at Sephora.

Galeries Lafayette is a major department store in France. It is a beautiful building with several floors packed full of things to buy, not just makeup or skincare products.

In fact, the one in Paris is famous for its Christmas decorations, which I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram.

Do Products from Sephora Cost More in France?

I was surprised to find out that, for the most part, products from Sephora cost about the same as they do in America.

I was expecting a major price hike, but a lot of the same brands that I love in America are carried in France, like Benefit and Fenty Beauty.

As one of the most iconic brands in beauty, Sephora is known for its wide range of cosmetics and skincare products. And while they’ve expanded to locations all over the world, they originated in France.

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The experience and layout of the store are very similar basically anywhere you go, but if you happen to be in France and need to grab something you forgot, you’re in good hands!

Have you been to any other international stores? Did you notice a difference between the American Sephora and the French one? Share what stood out about it below!

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