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What Languages Does Mbappe Speak?

As one of the best footballers in the world, PSG and French National team striking sensation Kylian Mbappe is a household name in many circles.

Despite only being 24, he’s one of the most sought-after players on the planet, having won a World Cup at the age of 20, and score a hattrick in his second World Cup final. He’s that good.

Being an international icon comes with press responsibility, sponsorships, and more, so the question arises – how many languages does Mbappe speak and what are they? Let’s dive in and find out more!

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How Many Languages Can Mbappe Speak?

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world, so as an international star, it’s unsurprising that Mbappe can speak a whole host of languages. Whether it’s through speaking engagements or communicating with international teammates, it’s rumored that Mbappe can speak five languages with varying degrees of fluency and is still committed to learning more as we speak.

It’s certainly an impressive amount of languages for one person to speak given the access he has to translators and interpreters if he chose to use them.

Which Languages Does Mbappe Speak?

As a native Parisian, Kylian Mbappe speaks French fluently as his mother tongue. As he’s chosen to stay at his local club PSG (Paris St. Germain), being a hometown hero has helped him build a cult following throughout France. 

In addition to his native French, Mbappe can also speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian with varying degrees of fluency. He’s also taking steps to learn Arabic at the moment, so he’s certainly making an effort to have a lasting worldwide impact beyond his talents on the field. 

Is Mbappe Fluent in English?

It’s no secret that several English teams have been connected with Mbappe in the past, and despite the fact that he’s stayed in France, Kylian Mbappe can speak excellent English, but it’s not confirmed if he’s fluent.

He’s certainly conversational and practices a lot behind closed doors, especially with the management team at PSG, where he requests to speak in English so that he can continually improve his language skills.

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Mbappe has spoken English in a whole host of interviews around the world, including press in the UK and the US. This shows Mbappe’s ongoing commitment to becoming a global icon that can be marketed around the world.

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Is Mbappe Fluent in Spanish?

Having learned Spanish in school, and attained amazing grades, Mbappe is comfortable speaking Spanish but isn’t yet fluent. He makes a concerted effort to improve his Spanish skills when speaking to PSG manager, Mauricio Pochettino, and can definitely hold a conversation in the language.

Again, Mbappe has been repeatedly linked with major clubs in the Spanish leagues like Barcelona and Real Madrid, so his interest in the Spanish language is understandable. Also given that it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world, especially when it comes to nations that love soccer, it makes a lot of sense for Mbappe to put in the hard work and try to perfect his Spanish skills.

He has given interviews to the press in Spanish before, showing that he is comfortable and confident in his Spanish language skills. With the vast majority of PSG teammates also speaking Spanish as a native language, it shows that Mbappe respects the different cultures and languages that his friends and colleagues speak.

Can Mbappe Speak Portuguese?

As Brazilian superstar Neymar is one of Kylian Mbappe’s main teammates, it makes sense that he’d want to learn some Portuguese. Given his penchant and skill for learning languages, Mbappe is currently trying to improve his Portuguese skills, especially his Brazilian Portuguese skills not only to converse with his teammates but to open himself up to the wider Brazilian market. 

It’s no secret that Brazil is absolutely mad about soccer, so to become an international icon of the game, being able to speak Portuguese is a massive plus point in Mbappe’s favor. He’s still learning the language and is by no means conversational or fluent yet, but he’s working on it!

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Can Mbappe Speak Italian?

Yes, Mbappe can speak Italian as well. (Check out this post for the best gifts for people learning Italian!) It seems like he’s collecting European languages like they’re infinity stones at this point! He doesn’t have a whole host of opportunities to practice his Italian though.

Unless PSG plays against Italian teams, like Juventus or AC Milan, in the Champions League tournament, the chances he gets to practice his Italian skills are fairly low. 

At the Global Soccer Awards, Kylian Mbappe actually went on stage and gave an introduction in Italian. It’s another example of how confident Mbappe is about using his language skills, and just how many different languages he’s put time into learning. It’s unclear how much Italian he can speak as he doesn’t get a chance to use it that much, so it’s hard to tell. 

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Can Mbappe Speak Arabic?

Given that football is now growing across the Middle East and northern Africa, it’s a great decision for Mbappe to learn Arabic. With the World Cup having just been in Qatar and global megastar Cristiano Ronaldo signing a ridiculously lucrative deal in Saudi Arabia, it makes sense to get ahead of the curve and open up his international options.

It’s thought that Mbappe is fairly early on in his Arabic language learning journey, but given his spectacular talent for learning languages, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to start speaking Arabic on camera in a couple of months. 

Why Does Mbappe Speak So Many Languages?

So, why does Mbappe speak so many languages and is committed to learning more? Many people who have the access to interpreters that Mbappe has simply wouldn’t put in the effort to learn new languages for press events, especially considering that he’s staying in his home nation of France.

Mbappe doesn’t just want to be one of the best footballers in the world, he wants to be an icon like Messi or Ronaldo or Beckham. As such, he needs to appeal to brands and fans all over the world. To do that, he knows the value of being able to speak multiple languages, especially for sponsorship or press events.

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He’s definitely playing the long game and making sure that he’s much more than just an amazing soccer player. 

Growing up in France, Mbappe could speak three languages by the time he left school. This has definitely put him in a strong position to learn more languages, and traveling as much as he does for his work, will have only boosted his passion for languages.

It’s a powerful combination and one that is certainly working in Mbappe’s favor with fans all over the world.

Be Inspired by Mbappe in Learning Different Languages!

So, all in all, Mbappe currently speaks six different languages, varying from fluent to beginner status – if you include Arabic which he has rumored to have just started learning.

Given his young age and popularity among people all over the world, learning so many languages seems like a key part of Mbappe’s long-term business strategy that extends far beyond the football pitch and into the world of lucrative international sponsorships, press appearances, and more.

That’s the lesson kids – learning languages open up a lot of doors!

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