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Duolingo Daily Quests: What They Are & How to Earn Them

Duolingo has added a new feature called “Duolingo Daily Quests” to further motivate learners to get on the app and learn every day. Here’s what those quests are and how to complete them.

Where Can You Find Your Duolingo Daily Quests?

At the bottom of the app, click on the trophy icon tab and you’ll find the Duolingo Challenges. This is divided into Goals and Badges.

In the past, Duolingo mostly just focused on your Daily XP goal (you can learn how to change that here) but now they’ve added two more quests to do each day.

Duolingo Daily Quests

The second daily quest is to score 90% or higher in two lessons, which means you got 90% of the answers correct.

The third quest is to earn two crowns.

Crowns are rewarded when you have finished a level in a skill. The amount of lessons that you have to complete to earn a crown varies.

Each skill usually has 5 crowns to earn and with each crown you earn, the lessons start to increase in difficulty.

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To learn more about what crowns are and how to use them on Duolingo, check out my guide here.

What Reward Do You Get for Completing Each Daily Quest?

For completing the first daily quest of earning 1 XP (I lowered my Duolingo Daily Goal) I earned 5 gems. I’m not sure if this number changes daily.

5 Gems earned for completing a daily quest on Duolingo

For completing the second daily goal of scoring 90% or higher in two lessons, I claimed a reward of 8 more gems.

Then, for the final quest of earning 2 crowns, I earned 13 gems.

How Do You Get the Rewards from the Daily Quests?

Once you’ve completed one of the daily quests (or all three!) you can go back to the trophy tab and click “Claim Reward” to get your gems.

claim rewards for completing daily quest on Duolingo

Want to know what to do with your gems? Here’s everything you need to know!

If you don’t see a “Claim Reward” button, you may not have actually completed your daily quest yet.

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