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Can You Download Lessons on Duolingo?

As one of the world’s favorite language learning apps, Duolingo is a popular way to brush up on your foreign language skills. One of the downsides of language learning apps is that more often than not, you need to be connected to the internet either by WiFi or mobile data.

This isn’t great if you’re out and about on your travels and want to test your vocabulary in your target country. Having offline modes or being able to download lessons are both invaluable features. 

So, can you download lessons on Duolingo, and if not, why not? Let’s dive in and find out more!

Can You Download Lessons on Duolingo? 

No, you can no longer download lessons on Duolingo. Although this was a popular feature of the premium subscription, you cannot download lessons on Duolingo. 

In order to progress through the Duolingo courses, you need to have a reliable connection either to WiFi or mobile data. This is really annoying if you’re traveling and don’t want to invest in an international SIM or call package as you can only learn when you’re near WiFi connections. 

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Did Duolingo Remove Downloadable Lessons?

Yes, on the old version of Duolingo’s premium subscription, Duolingo Plus, you could download lessons, but this feature is no longer available. Many users have questioned why this has been removed as it was probably the best premium feature on the Plus service.

Given that the newly rebranded Super Duolingo premium subscription service is still the same price as it was when it still included a downloadable lesson mode is kind of ridiculous. This was a major feature and it’s not really been explained why it was removed.

Hopefully, Duolingo will reinstate it as part of future Super Duolingo improvements as the infrastructure for it already exists and has been rolled out before.

Enjoy Language Learning on Duolingo!

So, all in all, you cannot download lessons on Duolingo. You used to be able to do this on the premium version of the app, but this feature no longer exists.

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If you want to keep learning languages when you’re on the go, you need to make sure you have a stable internet connection.

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