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How Many Checkpoints Are in the Duolingo French Course?

Wondering how many checkpoints are in the Duolingo French course? There are currently 10 Checkpoints in the Duolingo French Course.

Since French is one of the more popular courses on Duolingo, they add lessons frequently, so they may add more checkpoints in the future.

UPDATE: Duolingo no longer uses Checkpoints in its courses, instead you can find a Unit Review at the end of each Unit that you need to pass before moving on to the next Unit.

What is a Checkpoint?

In Duolingo, they split up the courses with Checkpoints so that you don’t learn more difficult concepts before you’re ready.

In order to pass the Checkpoint or unlock it, you need to complete all of the lessons that come before that checkpoint. That means you need to have earned at least 1 crown in each topic.

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checkpoint 9 in Duolingo French

Once you’ve finished all the lessons and earned at least one crown for each, then you can pass the last checkpoint in Duolingo French and finally earn your Duolingo Owl!

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Once you’ve passed a checkpoint, it’s no longer a checkpoint and it turns into a “Unit.”

Can You Test Out of the Checkpoints in Duolingo French?

Yes, you can test out of these Checkpoints if you feel like you’re ready! Just click on the checkpoint and it will give you the option to start the test.

test out of checkpoint 9 in Duolingo French

Although it’s tempting to want to jump ahead and just take the tests that allow you to pass that Checkpoint faster, I would only recommend doing this if you are already quite fluent in the language.

If not, you probably need that practice, and skipping those easier lessons won’t do you any good.

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How Many Mistakes Can I Make at a Checkpoint in Duolingo French?

Although this is subject to change, right now you can only make 4 mistakes before you fail the checkpoint test in Duolingo French. So make sure you’re ready before you get started!

4 mistakes allowed in the Duolingo French Checkpoint Test

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