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How to Find Cheap Flights Within Asia

When we first moved to Bali, we hopped on our usual sites (the ones we use to book flights from the USA to Europe) to check out how much it cost to travel around Asia and Indonesia and we were super disappointed! I thought Asia was supposed to be cheap?! How the heck do we find cheap flights WITHIN Asia itself?!

We put off booking flights around Asia thinking that maybe we just couldn’t afford it. Then a friend we met in Bali mentioned that he had a trip to Singapore planned and it only cost him $50 because he booked it last minute. How in the world did it only cost that much?

He pulled out his phone and showed us a bunch of new websites and flight search sites that we had NEVER heard of before!

So I’ve compiled a list here of all the ones we have used to consistently book cheap flights while traveling all over Southeast Asia and Asia for over 2 years! Let’s get to it!

1. Traveloka

In America, you can usually find cheaper prices by going directly to the airline’s website and buying through them. For some reason, that’s not true for most of Asia’s airlines. They sell their tickets for cheaper than their own sites through Traveloka.

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Traveloka website

I consider this a huge blessing because Traveloka is so much easier to use than the actual airline’s sites, which are not user-friendly and the translation isn’t always accurate.

2. Kiwi

Although the prices are usually not as cheap as Traveloka, this website has some cool features that Traveloka doesn’t. It will show you all the cheapest destinations to fly to from your airport!

You can even set a perimeter around your airport and it will show you all of the destinations within that distance and how much it costs to fly to each one.

If you’re not sure where you want to go or are just wanting to go somewhere new, you can type in your airport and then in the “to” section you can type in “Anywhere.”

It will rank the destinations by price and distance from where you are! I would use this feature to find a new place and then hop on Traveloka to get the best price!
Using the “Anywhere” function on

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is our go-to for flights from the U.S.A. to the rest of the world. I have yet to find a site that consistently beats it. Even Google doesn’t always include the budget airlines, which are the ones we normally fly with.

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Unfortunately, it is not as accurate for Asia. However, we use it to find the cheapest dates to travel. Just type in your area (use the all airports option when searching for flights) and where you want to go, then choose to see the whole month instead of just your dates.

You can even choose the cheapest month to the cheapest month! Once we find the cheapest dates, we type those back into Traveloka!

4. Nusa Trip

This site had the cheapest listed flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo (Komodo Dragon Airport). We used this airline and had no problems when we only presented our e-ticket!

Although you book on, it is not an airline. We bought tickets for the airline “Lion Air” and although it was definitely a budget choice. The flight was so short that we didn’t mind!

Aerial view of Gili Islands
The view on our way to Komodo Dragon Island!

5. Air Asia

Occasionally there will be a sale if you use their app to make the purchase, but the ticket has to cost a certain amount to get the discount.

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Usually, it’s cheaper to use Traveloka to book an AirAsia flight, so we only check this website if we are planning to book an AirAsia flight on Traveloka and want to make sure that we aren’t missing any special deals or promotions!

Air Asia website

Also, in our experience, this website can be a little glitchy, but hopefully they continue to improve!

So there you have it!

When we first started traveling, it seemed crazy to have to use a bunch of different sites to find the cheapest flight, let alone that there are ones that work better for different parts of the world! But now we know how to book depending on which part of the world we want to be traveling in!

Hopefully, this will help you find the best cheap flight sites for Southeast Asia and Asia!

If I missed a site that you have used, let me know! We love to save and wouldn’t have learned about these sites if it weren’t for awesome travelers sharing what they knew!

The Best Cheap Flight Sites for Southeast Asia