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Where to Find the Best Pizza in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to, in fact, we decided to live there for 6 months (which is a very long time for us!) However, after a few run-ins with Bali Belly (basically food/water poisoning) and finding one too many hairs in my Nasi Goreng, it was time to find some better food options on the paradise island of Gods. Hence, this list of the best pizza in Bali!

The Best Pizza in Bali By Location

The Best Pizza in Kuta, Bali: Pronto Pizza

BE AWARE: Pronto Pizza temporarily closes pretty often, so make sure to check on Google Maps before going here. I would click “most recent reviews” and make sure there’s been a recent one.

It took us a little while, but we eventually found our go-to pizza in Kuta, Bali: Pronto Pizza! This restaurant also happens to be some of the best Italian food in Bali as well!

Even though Kuta Beach isn’t everyone’s favorite place, we have always loved it there and it is one of the only places in Bali with strong enough wifi to work online.

Kuta is also the haggling center of the island and the beaches have perfect waves for boogie boards and beginner surfers!

We lived in Bali for 6 months and there is a lot to consider when deciding something like that! Check out this pros and cons list to see if moving to Bali is right for you!

But now there’s an even better reason to visit: original Italian pizza! Here’s a picture of us visiting this Italian restaurant in Bali, Kuta in 2017:

Pronto Pizza Italian pizza in Bali

The Cost

The two best pizzas are the Margherita and the Diavola pizza. The Margherita, which is a cheese pizza with mozzarella, only costs 60k rupiah, or about $4.24 USD.

The Diavola, which is a spicy salami pizza with chili oil, costs 75k rupiah, or $5.30. Out of the two, I would recommend the Margherita with basil!

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Pizza in Bali

Where to Find Pronto Pizza

The Best Pizza in Canggu, Bali: Pizza Fabbrica

Although we never went here ourselves, we were able to talk to the owner of Pronto Pizza and asked if he had any other pizza Bali recommendations for us. He said that his family owns Pizza Fabbrica in Canggu, Bali!

(P.S. I was able to have this conversation in Italian, which was the coolest thing ever! I learned using iTalki with language lessons and with the help of these Duolingo secrets!)

The Cost

The prices are the exact same as Pronto Pizza, so definitely a good deal! It sticks with our $10 for 2 people rule that always saves us money on trips.

Where to Find the Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Fabbrica is only about a 12-minute walk from Batu Bolong Beach, which is the most popular beach visited in Canggu.

The Best Pizza in Uluwatu, Bali: La Baracca

If you’re into a bit of a thicker crust pizza, then this pizzeria in Bali is for you! My brother-in-law lived in Italy for 2 years and although he loved Pronto Pizza, he said that this was the best pizza he had had since leaving Italy.

(I’ve also included this pizza stop in this 3 Day Uluwatu Itinerary that is perfect for finding all the best food and beaches in Uluwatu!)

best Italian in Bali

The main reason for that was the slightly more expensive but authentic ingredients that the restaurant had imported from Italy. Plus, there were more pasta options than in the other restaurants.

In fact, this is one of the only restaurants I’ve been to outside of America that gave FREE bread and small antipasti before the meal.

How Much Does a Pizza at La Baracca Cost?

Although a bit more expensive, everyone loved it. If you like pepperoni pizza or “diavola” then you should definitely try the Calabrese pizza, which was my favorite item on the menu!

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If you would like to try something authentically Italian, try the Burrata pizza. It is basically a Margherita pizza, but they put Burrata cheese (which is very creamy and rich, and they put it on AFTER the pizza is cooked, so it is not warm).

I really liked both, but since the Burrata cheese is very rich, it was difficult to finish a whole pizza! We ended up eating at this restaurant three times if you’re wondering why it sounds like I ordered 5 pizzas all in one sitting lol.

The pizza menu is shown below:

Italian restaurant pizza menu in Bali

Although this post is about pizza, the pasta here was also very good! However, if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, you should definitely order something from the more-filling pizza menu.

pasta in Bali Italian restaurant menu
They also offer gluten-free pizza options here.

Where to Find La Baracca Pizzeria in Uluwatu

Baracca Pizza place in Uluwatu, Bali Pizza Italia Bali

This restaurant actually has multiple locations in Bali which you can find in Seminyak, Canggu, and Uluwatu (where we ate). The Uluwatu pizzeria location is only about 3-5 minutes by motorbike from Padang Padang beach or about 17 minutes walking distance.

Here’s the Uluwatu location on Google Maps:

The Best Pizza in Uluwatu & Kuta, Bali: Domino’s

This last one is more of a bonus than an actual recommendation. But sometimes when you’re abroad, you crave something familiar. The rest of the pizzas on this list are Italian-type pizzas, but this one is obviously very American.

The actual location of Domino’s is in Kuta and if you order through their online app (not the best app, just warning you!) then delivery is free. There are a few other locations around Denpasar, Seminyak, and Kuta as well.

However, if you are in Uluwatu, it is outside of the pizza delivery Kuta area. In this case, you would use the Grab app to order and the pizza delivery in Uluwatu cost is still very cheap (anywhere from 75 cents to $2).

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The pizzas themselves will also cost slightly more when using the Grab app, but when you are craving Domino’s, it’s worth it!!

Be aware though of a few things when ordering Domino’s: The pizzas are incredibly small. A medium is about the size of a personal pan pizza in America and a large isn’t that much better.

The second thing is to be sure NOT to order a “Cheesy Surprise” pizza.

This basically means that instead of red sauce they use some type of cream cheese and A LOT of it. It was probably the most disgusting pizza I’ve ever had.

Another important thing to remember is that if you want a normal pepperoni pizza, the closest option is the Beef Pepperoni (the pizza is called Beef Pepperoni Feast), not the Chicken Pepperoni. The cheese pizza is called Cheese Mania.

The Cost

Considering how small the pizzas are, these are definitely the most expensive pizzas on this list. Always check the app or the website for special offers, sometimes they even have BOGO and that saves a lot of money!

In general, the Large Pepperoni costs about 65,000 rupiahs, and the Large Cheese costs 78,000 rupiahs.

That’s all the pizzas for now! Let me know if you have any more recommendations for us to try next time we’re in Bali! Have fun trying all the BEST pizzas in Bali!

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