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How to Get from Bali to Komodo Island (Labuan Bajo)

Komodo island (or islands, there are actually two of them: Rinca and Komodo) are the only islands in the world that have Komodo Dragons living there naturally! It is NOT a zoo, these animals are the top of the food chain there and rule the islands.

For those reasons alone, and maybe for a slight adrenaline rush, this place needs to be on your “must-see” list! So here’s how you would get there from Bali, Indonesia.

How to Get To komodo Island From Bali By AIrplane

There are other ways to get there, but when you factor in taxi costs, food, and accommodation that the extra travel would cost, the airplane definitely wins. Plus you get views like this:

Wings Air

The budget airline that goes back and forth every day for the cheapest price is called Wings Air.

Our tickets cost us $92.17 per person, so we spent $184.35 total on flights (round trip). We bought these through NusaTrip which had the cheapest price out of all the sites we checked.

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From wherever you are staying in Bali, order a GoJek (the Uber of Bali, but much cheaper) to the Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport. Depending on where you are, this should only cost a couple of dollars.

From our Airbnb in Kuta, it cost us 28,000 rupiah or $2.08 USD.

Plane flying over islands in Indonesia

They allowed us to use our e-ticket so we didn’t need to print anything out. You can check one bag per person that weighs 10 kg, but we only brought carry-on backpacks.

Those are supposed to be 7kg, but no one checked them.

They did not care about liquids, which we didn’t realize until we were going through security and the Chinese family ahead of us had a bag filled with water bottles and the security didn’t even blink an eye.

Since it’s such a small plane, you get to pretend to be a celebrity and board the plane directly from the tarmac!

It’s an hour and a half long flight on a pretty small plane and then you arrive in Labuan Bajo at the Komodo Airport.

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It’s only a 30-minute walk to the port from there! To get directions, we used Google Maps and got walking directions when we had internet (either before you leave your Airbnb or you can get a SIM card for your unlocked phone).

From Labuan Bajo, you can take a boat to the Komodo Islands, and you get to choose how many days and how much you get to see!

There is no need to try to find a tour before you get there since they will probably be cheaper there and there are plenty of companies to choose from. You can find companies offering Komodo Dragon tours all around the port city and cheap accommodation!

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