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Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Bali

This is a roundup of everything you need to know before traveling to Bali!

It’s a collection of everything I’ve written so far on Bali and it’s the Ultimate Guide to traveling Bali on a budget! Maybe some of these posts will even convince you to move there!

1. Renting a Scooter is an Absolute Must

two men on scooters in bali

2. To Stay Safe on a Scooter, You Need to Follow These Rules

man on scooter in bali

3. Bali Has Incredible (And Cheap!) Food, If You Know Where to Find It

Nasi Goreng in Bali

4. In Fact, Bali Has INCREDIBLE Italian Pizza, too!

pizza in bali

5. The Famous Insta-Spots Can Be Expensive… Unless You Follow These Tips

bali swing

6. If You’re Looking for the Best Beaches in Bali, Look No Further Than Uluwatu

dreamland beach bali

7. Bali Isn’t the Only Beautiful Island Nearby, Try the Gili Islands as Well!

gili islands bali

8. While You’re At It, Did You Know Komodo Island is a Short Hop Away?

komodo island

9. You Might Fall in Love with Bali and Want to Move There!

rice field in bali

10. Also, Rent in Bali Can Be INSANELY Cheap If You Know Where to Look!

padang padang beach in bali

11. In Case You Do Want to Move to Bali, Here’s How We flew There for Free

rice terraces in bali

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