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How to Get from Nice to Menton 

Planning a trip to the French Riviera? Chances are you’ll probably be flying into or basing yourself in the beautiful coastal city of Nice, but you’ll definitely want to visit the medieval town of Menton while you’re here. So, how can you get from Nice to Menton?

Let’s find out more! 

How to Get from Nice to Menton

To compare all of the different ways to get from Nice to Menton, I highly recommend using Omio.

Omio compares all of the ways to get there and shows you the prices and distances so that you can see what the BEST way is according to what your priorities are.

I always start all of my trip planning around Europe through Omio so that I can compare the cheapest way to get somewhere versus the best or fastest way.

How to Get from Nice to Menton by Car

If you’ve rented a car, you can get from Nice to Menton in 25 minutes. The journey is just shy of 20 miles and it’s all along the super-fast highway, off the coastal path.

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Just make sure you have your parking sorted out in Menton – old beach towns are notoriously bad for available parking!

How to Get from Nice to Menton by Train

One of the most popular ways to travel from Nice to Menton is by train. The train also goes via Monaco, so if you fancy a day trip to Monte-Carlo, simply get off a few stops earlier. 

There are approximately 48 trains a day, starting at 5.36 am and ending at 22.36 pm. They’re run by TER and are every half hour. 

I recommend using Omio to compare the prices from different providers ahead of time.

These trains are super speedy, taking just 38 minutes on a direct route along the coast. Occasionally, there are extra fast trains that take 24 minutes. These will be more expensive, but tickets start at $5 and tend to max out around $17. 

How to Get from Nice to Menton by Bus

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to get around, the LR100 bus runs directly between Nice and Menton, following the same coastal route as the train. 

menton bus
View of Menton from a bus

These buses leave Nice every 20-25 minutes and the journey time is approximately an hour. Obviously, this is the longest journey time, but the ticket price is around $2, so if you’re on a budget and have time, this might be the option for you.

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How to Get from Nice to Menton by Taxi

If you have a lot of bags and are going to Menton for a while, you might be considering a taxi. Now, taxis are always the most expensive option and the French Riviera is no different.

A taxi between Nice and Menton can cost anywhere between $120 and $150 for a 25-minute journey.

So, it’s worth weighing up if hiring a car for the journey is worth it or getting taxis to and from the train station and asking for assistance.

A Little About Menton

Menton is a historic town between Monaco and the Italian border on the Mediterranean.

It’s characterized by its medieval old town and imposing Basilique Saint-Michel, which has its own bell tower. 

Visitors tend to travel here to explore the old town and kick back on the town’s beautiful beaches.

If you’re not wanting to hit the coast, Menton is also famous for its gorgeous gardens. 

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