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All 10 Duolingo Characters in 2024

If you’ve been trying to teach yourself a language for a while, chances are you’ve come across Duolingo, and the mischievous owl, Duo, that helps and nudges you to learn more vocab. However, in 2020, Duolingo announced a new cast of 10 Duolingo characters, all with completely different personalities and vibes.

Done in an attempt to refresh the look of the app and bring different tones and dialects to language learning, it’s a cool new step. Each character is really distinct and has complete origin stories, developed by the Duolingo team. So, let’s meet the 10 new faces on our Duolingo language learning journey!

Here are all the Duolingo Characters and their Names:

1. Bea

Consider yourself ambitious and neurotic? Well, then you might find yourself a kindred spirit in Bea. If you’re a Type A personality type who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to go after it, that’s Bea down to a tee.

Bea from Duolingo
Image from Duolingo

You might have noticed that Bea has had a bit of a makeover since she was initially launched.

Duolingo stated on Twitter that they made this change in response to feedback from their Black coworkers.

“To better represent her identity as a Black woman, we replaced her previously ambiguous hairstyle with something that feels authentic to the community she’s a part of.” -Duolingo on Twitter

Bea is one of the three queer Duolingo characters (Lin and Oscar are the other two!) and she dates both men and women.

She’s also a travel blogger (just like me!) and an aspiring writer.

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2. Eddy

As the haphazard dad of fellow Duolingo character Junior, Eddy is a bit of a frantic mess. He’s trying his best, but he can’t put a streak together to save his life. He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere, but his heart is in the right place.

Eddy Character from Duolingo app

Just looking at Eddy, you can tell that he’s into everything sports-related. Whether it’s running around the block in his iconic red tracksuit, getting a new PB on the squat rack, or just tossing a ball around with Junior, Eddy is out there doing everything he can to improve himself – just like you with your language learning.

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3. Falstaff

Now, Falstaff is a pretty difficult character to get a handle on. He’s an enigma, a mystery – the Duolingo team hasn’t developed the rich backstory for Falstaff that many of the other characters have. 

Falstaff from Duolingo

What do we know? Well, Falstaff is a bear who likes to wear a jaunty blue scarf. Why? We don’t know. Why is he the only animal in the new cast and the only animal in the whole app other than Duo the owl? Who knows. All we know is that he comes in peace.

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4. Junior

Eddy’s chaotic little bundle of joy, Junior loves to wreak havoc, especially on his dad. Think of the most precocious kid you know – the one who has the correct answer or comeback for everything – and you’re probably in the vicinity of Eddy.

Junior from Duolingo

Like all kids, he loves to see what he can get out of his dad. That might be convincing him to buy a new video game, going out for ice cream, just generally conning his dad into treating and spoiling him rotten. We see your hustle, Junior.

5. Lily

Lily is every typical disaffected, moody teenager. A little bit of an emo and an outcast, she’s best friends with Zari and loves to be sarcastic. I can think of 10 people she reminds me of already.

Lily from Duolingo

Despite being super introverted, she knows her music and has an elite list of unrecognizable bands on her playlist that you’ve definitely never heard of. Winning over this teen is going to be nearly impossible, but you’re going to have fun trying.

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6. Lin

Probably the antithesis of Bea, Lin is super chilled and laid back. As Lucy’s grandchild, she bounces from job to job without much of a plan or clue of what she wants to do in life. We’ve all been there!

Lin from Duolingo

Lin lives with her grandmother – rent-free of course – so is pretty content with her chaotic life as it is. Her main motto seems to be wing it and it’ll work out fine. She’s also one of the three queer characters, alongside Bea and Oscar. Representation matters guys!

7. Lucy

Okay, we’ve spoken about her and now it’s time to meet Lin’s grandmother, Lucy. Not a whole lot is known about Lucy other than she’s definitely a cool grandmother, letting Lin chill at her place without holding down a job.

Lucy from Duolingo

We get the sense that Lucy might have had a wild and crazy past that she can’t talk about around her impressionable granddaughter – but that might be my imagination running away with me.

8. Oscar

Ever met that guy who visited Europe and now won’t stop going on about it, or over pronounces French, Spanish and Italian words? Then you’ve met an Oscar. This art teacher/coffee aficionado loves his job but lives for those long Summer breaks.

Oscar from Duolingo

He’s one of the three queer Duolingo characters alongside Bea and Lin, and is also Lily and Zari’s art teacher. You might see Oscar teaching up a storm, or reminiscing about one of his many European getaways – it’s a 50/50 chance!

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9. Vikram

Have you ever met a person who is like the personification of sunshine? Like, they’re never not smiling or finding some kind of silver lining. That’s Vikram in a nutshell. If you’re having a bad day or an off day with your language learning, Vikram is the guy to come along and cheer you up.

Vikram and Duolingo owl

With boundless positivity, he’s the opposite of Lily in pretty much every way. Even losing a huge streak isn’t a negative for Vikram – there’s always tomorrow!

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10. Zari

Last, but certainly not least, we have Zari. Despite being Lily’s best friend, they couldn’t be further apart in personality style. Zari is super extroverted and always has to be doing something.

Zari from Duolingo

You know those girls whose list of extracurriculars read like a grocery receipt, that’s Zari. There’s a rumor that she knows every single language fluently. She’s that good. If you need youthful, chaotic but purposeful energy in your language-learning journey, Zari is your girl. 

So, there you have it. Your new cast of Duolingo characters is designed to help you master that target language even when you don’t feel like logging on.

The beauty of this shift by Duolingo is that it puts representation at the forefront. By giving everyone rich backstories, it makes us compare the characters to people we already know. Language learning is for everyone after all!

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Thursday 14th of September 2023

I am so thankful for duolingo it's not just a meme magnet, but it's also something that's helping me a lot in learning Japanese! Thank you to the people who made this wonder work!


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Thanks, that was a fun read.


Thursday 14th of September 2023

@Ruby, I agree also I honestly think zaris my fav she's so cute and her voice- omggggg