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How Many Crowns Are There in the Duolingo French Tree?

In the English to French tree, there are 172 skills total (not including the bonus lessons) which, at 5 crowns to earn per skill, equals 860 crowns total on Duolingo French. Since the English to French tree is one of the more popular courses on Duolingo, it gets new skills and adds on new crowns often.

If you include the bonus lessons there are 2 more skills, but you only earn 1 crown on the bonus skills. So that adds another 2 crowns which bring the Duolingo French Crowns total to 862 crowns.

There are a different amount of maximum crowns to earn for each language tree that you are learning on Duolingo. Duolingo adds more crowns and skills to courses that are being taken by the most amount of users.

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amount of crowns on Duolingo French


Make sure that you are currently on your English to French course on Duolingo first, then head to the Duome website to check how many crowns there are and how many you’ve earned. 

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If you’ve never heard of the Duome, definitely check out these secrets about Duolingo! (There’s a lot the casual user doesn’t know about!)

You can see below a screenshot from Duome, which shows that there are currently 862 crowns available to earn on the French course and I have earned 143 of them.

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amount of crowns on Duolingo French

I’m not sure why this number is slightly lower than the amount that the Duolingo app says I’ve earned. The Duome is not an official Duolingo website and is meant to be used just for fun, so some of the stats might be a little off. 

However, I counted by hand the number of skills in the app, so I know that the number of crowns available is correct!

To find out your specific stats, find out your Duolingo username, which is on your profile. From there, type username. For example, my Duome stats can be seen at

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It will only show the stats for the course you are currently using on the Duolingo app. Just change courses and refresh the webpage if you want to see stats for another language tree!

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