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How to Get the Cheapest Bali Swing Picture: Uma Pakel Agrotourism

Okay, we all know that there are certain places that you go to JUST to get that amazing picture. By now everyone has seen the incredible Bali swing picture, and I know that we all want one! The problem is that these “Instagrammable moments” might cost you a lot more than they’re worth! Luckily, I’ve found the perfect way to get the famous Bali swing Picture on a budget at Uma Pakel Agrotourism.

So I jumped online to find out where and how to get this picture. My budget-friendly brain was BLOWN when I found out how much it cost!

The Bali Swing Park

The official and famous “Bali Swing” park in Ubud is where most people snag this picture. You can spend a whole day going on different-sized swings and strange tear-dropped-shaped things hanging in the trees.

But how much will it cost you?

$34 PER PERSON. I was not about to drop $68 for a cool selfie. There had to be a better way.

Bali Swing Park Prices

I was really shocked to realize that almost everyone who was posting on Instagram had actually paid that ridiculous amount of money for a swing in Ubud and no one even mentioned it when they posted!

So here’s what you should do instead…

Uma Pakel Agro-tourism & Giant Swing Picture

Check out Uma Pakel Agro Tourism. It’s about 2 minutes away from the Tegalalang Rice Terraces which is an Ubud must-see. You can do both on the same day! They only charge you 200k rupiah, or $12 dollars to swing on their “Bali Swing”. And the pictures are just as amazing!

Swing Picture Bali
This was taken on our iPhone 5s since it was before we bought our camera.

It’s a super fun and cheap thing to do during your trip to Ubud! Here’s the location on Google Maps for you:

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I believe that as the swing in Bali has gotten more popular, their prices have gone up a bit, but not by much.

However, the main point of my wanting to write this is to let people know that there are other ways to get this dream picture than just following what everyone else has done!

Plus, it’s one of the best things to do in Ubud!

For me, spending that kind of money for a selfie when Bali has beautiful things to do for free just seemed silly.

However, if it is something that is really important to you and you want more opportunities to get that perfect shot, I totally understand that! The Bali Swing Park is perfect for that!

At Uma Pakel, they let you swing on it only one time. It’s still long enough time to get about a million pictures AND it was pretty exhilarating!

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You swing facing them for a few minutes (about 8 pushes or so). Then they stop you and let you turn around so you can face the trees.

Swing picture facing out

How to Get the Best Bali Swing Picture Possible

Depending on the time of day that you go, there will probably be a bit of a line. We used that time to scope out the best angles in order to make sure we were getting the most out of our $11 investment lol.

That way I could enjoy the views and the swing while knowing that my husband, Jake was running around and getting all the shots for me.

I know you probably feel bad for him, but he loves taking pictures as much as I do. Also, he hates spending money so he didn’t want to try the swing himself.

You can even force your loved one (or Instagram-spouse) to get a picture from the side as well! If you’re traveling alone, just ask someone who works there to take some pictures for you!

Swing Picture vantage points

You will be strapped in really well, so you don’t need to worry about falling and you can just enjoy flying over beautiful Bali! Here’s a behind-the-scenes picture of what it looks like getting pushed on the swing:

Bali Swing Picture

A Quick Side Note:

The place is also known for its Luwak coffee, which they will offer you for free. Depending on how you feel about animal cruelty, you might just want to pass all of that up.

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What they do is force-feed these animals coffee beans, wait for them to poop it out, wash it, and then make coffee out of it. Pretty nasty and I didn’t want to try it anyway!

Make sure that next time you travel to Bali, Indonesia you get your dream Bali swing picture!

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