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Is There Netflix in France?

Sometimes when you’re away, you just want to chill out in your hotel room or Airbnb and watch some Netflix. If you’re an expat moving to France (or already live here, like me!), knowing that you can have access to all your favorite shows is a definite plus. So, is there Netflix in France and what are the differences?

Is There a French Version of Netflix?

Yes, there is Netflix in France and you can find it at It has a mix of classic Netflix favorites and originals, together with some exclusive French-made content. 

You can sign up for French Netflix the same way that you would for any other Netflix site and pay for a monthly subscription to access all your favorite shows. The prices are essentially the same as the US version of Netflix just in Euros instead of Dollars. 

You don’t need to sign up for a new Netflix if you have a US account and move to France, we still use our (okay, Jake’s mom’s) Netflix from America.

person watching Netflix in France

One of the best things about Netflix is that you can access it on pretty much any device and chill out on the go. If you’ve got a long train or bus ride on your trip, having Netflix on your phone or tablet is a massive help. 

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Can I Watch US Netflix in France?

So, you can watch US Netflix in France if you use a VPN (I highly recommend NordVPN). This is basically where you make your device seem like it’s in another country. So, using your VPN, you can set your Netflix to any country to access Netflix titles in that area. 

The thing with specific country’s Netflix content is that there are different rights for different shows.

For example, this means that despite The Great British Baking Show being a British show, you won’t find the up-to-date series on UK Netflix. It is on the US version of Netflix because they have the rights to the show in America. 

So, if you can jump around the different versions of Netflix, you might be able to access multiple shows that you wouldn’t have previously been able to on one subscription service. 

If you’re planning on living in another country, getting a VPN is a must – and not just for streaming services! If you wanna access certain US news sites in Europe, you won’t be able to without a VPN as there are different privacy laws. 

I’ve been using NordVPN since we moved abroad in 2017 and I definitely can’t live without it. We were nomadic for 5 years so we never were in a country for more than a few months, but I needed my Netflix shows in other languages (it’s a super amazing language learning tool!)

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I used NordVPN to watch Italian TV for free even outside of Italy, get my favorite American shows early by switching to UK Netflix, and get tons more subtitle options for French, Spanish, and Italian by switching my VPN to those countries.

Is There French Exclusive Content on French Netflix?

As with any country-specific Netflix site, you’ll find exclusive content on the French version. It’ll mostly be French language shows that either Netflix themselves have made or have bought the rights for from other French channels. 

How Can I Access French Netflix?

You can access French Netflix in exactly the same way as you’d access any other version of Netflix. Go to, log in or sign up and watch to your heart’s content. Simple!

Is French Netflix All in French? 

Although there is a lot more French content on the French version of Netflix – as you’d probably expect – there is plenty of multilingual content. As with any Netflix site, you can change the language and subtitles of your content from a whole host of choices.

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Think about how many different languages are on the US version of Netflix – this is replicated on the French version of Netflix. 

So, there is Netflix in France and you can access the US version of Netflix by using a VPN to switch up your location.

If you’re planning on visiting France or moving to France permanently, you’ll still be able to access all your favorite shows and films and even find some new French faves! 

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