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How to Get from Nice to Eze Village

Looking for a beautiful day trip from Nice, France but want to go somewhere a little less touristy than Monaco or Cannes? Why not check out the charming medieval village of Eze? Here’s how can you get from Nice to Eze village.

However, if you don’t pay close attention, you could end up hiking to Eze Village instead of arriving there directly. Here’s how to avoid that:

The Difference Between Eze Village & Eze-Sur-Mer (VERY IMPORTANT: READ FIRST!)

Before we go any further it’s worth pointing out that Eze Village is on a large hilltop and Eze Beach is at the bottom of the cliff.

I can’t stress this enough, so here’s a map so you can visualize what I mean (Ignore me listening to Lana Del Rey while I made this lol):

eze village to eze beach

The walk-up would be an absolute trek and is a named hiking route called Sentier Nietzsche that covers 1,400ft (426 meters) and takes at least an hour to complete.

It’s a steep climb so good quality hiking boots, sunblock, and water are needed as is a decent level of fitness.

Don’t want to hike? I don’t blame you. I’ve done the hike before and my husband uses that hike to train for his races since there’s so much elevation gain. It’s definitely not easy.

The 83 bus connects the beach and the village and departs every 45 minutes to an hour – they’re pretty unreliable so it’s best to be flexible with your schedule. The journey only takes 15 minutes, but you can get some breathtaking views along the way.

At any point, if you want to journey between Eze Village and Eze-Sur-Mer, the 83 bus is your main option. Taxis are few and far between – which I’ll go into later – and hiking up and down the hill multiple times is not ideal if you’re only here on a day trip.

How to Get from Nice to Eze Village by Bus

The 82 and 112 buses are probably the best and easiest ways to get from Nice to Eze Village. It’s a direct route that only takes 30 minutes and stops in the center of the medieval village.

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Not only is it straightforward, but it’s also economical, costing just 1.70 euros each way.

Lignes d’Azur is the company that runs the two routes – 82 and 112 – but you need to depart from Nice’s Valbaun station. You can get there from Nice Ville station on the tram in just 15 minutes. 

You can also take Bus 15 to Kerylos and then take Bus 83 to Eze Village.

How to Buy a Bus Ticket in Nice

You’ll need to download two apps to use the public transport in Nice: Lignes d’Azur Mobile and Lignes d’Azur Tickets.

Once you arrive in Nice, you’ll need to buy a plastic card at one of the ticket machines that are located at most tram stops that will keep your bus and tram tickets on it. There are ticket machines at both of the Airport terminals right next to the tram itself.

Although you can refill this card using the Lignes d’Azur Tickets app, you have to obtain the plastic card first before you can refill it using the app.

You only need to buy one card if you’re traveling in a group, and you can scan that card multiple times to count for everyone in your group.

For example, my husband and I share a card, and when I get on the tram or bus I will scan my card twice.

You can use the Ligne d’Azur Mobile app or Google Maps to find the best route from where you’re staying in Nice.

Make sure to check the timetables before you make your plans since the buses aren’t going constantly and the schedules change on holidays and weekends!

Also, check out my things to do in Eze post so you make sure you don’t miss anything while you’re there.

How to Get from Nice to Eze Village by Train

If you want to go to the beach you can easily take the TER train from Nice Ville to Gare d’Èze-Sur-Mer in just 15 minutes. The train station is located literally just steps from the beach, so if you need a beach day on the Cote d’Azur, this is a super convenient option and costs just 2.80 euros each way.

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Of course, if you want to visit Eze Village, you’ll need to either hike uphill for an hour or get the number 83 bus that is outlined above. 

So be careful, you CAN NOT take the TER Train to Eze Village, only to the beach.

I also have to mention that this bus up to Eze Village from the beach (or in reverse) is one of the craziest bus rides I’ve ever been on. It’s super windy and the bus driver is having way too much fun with those turns.

With a packed bus and those turns, I was being thrown around quite a bit and cracking up with my sister and husband since we were standing and holding on for our lives.

I really wouldn’t recommend this route unless you have no other option! There are better beaches, so Eze Beach isn’t really a must-visit.

How to Get from Nice to Eze Village by Shuttle

Although the most expensive method of transportation, if there’s a group of you, you can hire a private shuttle to take you up to Eze Village. It saves the hassle of having to hire a car, and you don’t have to worry about parking or picking a designated driver when you want to try all the local French wines.

The drive takes around 30 minutes and will cost between 60 and 80 euros each way depending on the size of your vehicle and luggage.

How to Get from Nice to Eze Village by Uber

While Uber does operate in and around Nice, it’s rarer in the more secluded Eze Village. Uber drivers will drop you off there, but they are unlikely to pick you back up as they claim to get hassled by Eze police. Local taxi services are few and far between and as such can charge a small fortune.

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Forums say that it’s not unheard of for local taxis to charge 50EUR just to get between Eze Village and Eze-Sur-Mer, so I’d definitely steer clear and stick to public transport. 

How to Get to Eze Village by Car from Nice

If you’re exploring the wider Cote D’Azur region, the most economical and convenient way might be for you to hire a rental car for the duration of your trip. There are tons of international car hire companies that operate directly out of Nice Airport so you can start your trip straight away.

One thing to note is that parking is super restricted in Eze Village due to the size and age of the place. There’s one small lot that is super busy or you can continue a mile up the hill to Col d’Èze where you can find a bigger parking lot.

From here, there’s a shuttle that only takes five minutes and is completely free to use. 

The Best Way to Get to Eze Village is By Bus, But You Have a Lot of Options

All in all, there are plenty of ways to get from Nice to Eze Village. Obviously depending on whether you want to check out the beach or the medieval architecture, routes vary, but in this instance, public transport seems to beat out private on both value for money and convenience.

Just make sure you check those last buses and trains home so you don’t get stranded!

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