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How to Remove a Language on Duolingo

There are a ton of reasons why you might want to stop learning a language. So, how can you get rid of a language on Duolingo and stop those pesky notifications? Let’s dive in and find out. 

Sometimes you get to a point when you’re learning a language when you decide that the language journey is over.

Maybe you’ve learned all that you can, maybe you longer want to learn a language, or perhaps you clicked on the wrong course and now have a language on the app that you’re not actually learning.

How to Get Rid of a Language on Duolingo?

Okay so, how do you actually remove a language on Duolingo? Well, there are two different ways depending on whether you’re using Duolingo on the app, or whether you’re using it on your desktop. So, I’ll go through the step-by-step way for both and you can pick the method that’s relevant for you.

How to Remove a Language Course On Desktop

If you’re using Duolingo on your desktop and want to get rid of a course: 

  1. Go to your profile in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Hit settings and then “learning language”.
  3. Go to “manage courses”.
  4. Then tap “See all language courses”.
  5. Here you’ll see a list of languages.
  6. Press remove course next to the course you want to get rid of.
  7. Click confirm.
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How to Remove a Language On the Duolingo App

If you’re using Duolingo on the app and want to get rid of a course: 

  1. Go to your profile (the head icon tab).
  2. Head to settings, which looks like a gear wheel.
  3. Scroll down until you hit “manage courses”.
  4. Click the red circular remove sign – it looks like a stop sign – next to your chosen course,
  5. Either click “delete course” to confirm, or press cancel if you’ve clicked the wrong language. 
remove a language on Duolingo

Can You Get Your Language Progress Back?

The main thing to remember about deleting a Duolingo course on your profile is that you cannot get your language progress back. Once it’s gone, you cannot get those finished lessons back and you’ll have to start all over again from the beginning. 

You can turn off the notifications for different language courses if you want to take a break and come back at another point in time. If you’re unsure, you might just want to pause the notifications or lessen them, rather than dive right in and delete all that progress.

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Can You Start Learning that Language Again?

You can start learning a language again once you’ve deleted it from your profile. You’ll have to start with the basics all over again, so it’s kind of like a reset.

If you’ve taken a break from language learning for a while and need a refresher, you can always restart a course by removing it from your profile and re-adding it. 

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