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What Languages Does Justin Bieber Speak?

Global megastar, Justin Bieber, doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction. Bursting onto the music scene fresh from YouTube, Justin Bieber soon became a household name with legions of manic teenage fans. 

As he grew in popularity, international tours were a no-brainer. With this in mind, we might assume that Justin Bieber can speak a few different languages, at least at a basic level. So, what language does Justin Bieber speak and how fluent is he?

Let’s dive in and find out more.

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How Many Languages Does Justin Bieber Speak?

So, although he’s traveled all around the world, Justin Bieber can only speak one language fluently, which is his native English. It has been said that he can also speak a little bit of French – as a Canadian, it isn’t unusual for children to learn French while they’re in school. 

The fact that Justin Bieber can only speak one language fluently might come as a surprise to many people, given how many collaborations in other languages he does. This might be because his fame predominantly came in English-speaking countries and he was escorted by translators at every turn during the early years of his career.

Which Languages Does Justin Bieber Speak?

Justin Bieber can speak English fluently and French to a basic level. It’s thought that he learned French while at school in Canada, where a large part of the population speaks Canadian French or Quebecois as a first language.

Although Justin Bieber wasn’t brought up in a French-speaking area – he was raised in Ontario – learning French would’ve been a requirement during his school days. 

As Justin Bieber rose to fame at a fairly young age and has spent the majority of his life in the US, it’s unsurprising that he only really speaks English. It is surprising, however, that he hasn’t picked up the basics of other languages, such as Spanish, while on his travels around the world.

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Can Justin Bieber Speak Spanish?

No, Justin Bieber cannot speak Spanish. Despite performing in dozens of Spanish-language songs over the years, Justin Bieber doesn’t speak Spanish even at a rudimentary level. This has been proven throughout a whole host of interviews where he’s needed a Spanish translator. 

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Even on a recent Instagram Live, the only Spanish phrase that Justin Bieber could say was “muy bien” in response to questions from Spanish fans. It’s clear that he only knows very basic words and phrases, and can’t understand the language very well at all. 

Given how much he likes to sing in Spanish, the fact that he can’t speak even the basics of the language may come as a big surprise to fans across the world, especially in Central and South America. 

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Has Justin Bieber Sung in Spanish?

Yes, Justin Bieber has sung in Spanish a few times. Despite not being able to speak the language, Justin Bieber seems to like singing in Spanish, but only in the recording studio. One of his most famous Spanish features was on the hit song Despacito.

However, when he had to sing it live, Bieber famously forgot some of the words, opting to fill in the blanks with ‘Dorito’ and ‘burrito’. Safe to say, the performance was not well received by anyone, least of all the Spanish-speaking community. 

His lack of Spanish singing knowledge seems to be covered up by the fact that he normally collaborates with native-speaking Spanish stars who handle the international press, or get their pronunciation correct, whether they’re in the studio or out on tour selling out stadiums. 

Can Justin Bieber Speak French?

Yes, as Justin Bieber grew up in Canada, he learned to speak French in school. In fact, he attended a French immersion elementary school, which is pretty popular all around Canada. This is basically a school where the only language spoken is French, no matter what lesson you’re in.

So, when you attend one of these schools, you’re fully immersed in the French language, meaning that you grow up with the goal of being at least bilingual. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber only attended a French immersion school during his elementary school years, then moved on to an English-speaking middle and high school.

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Is Justin Bieber Fluent in French?

No, Justin Bieber is not fluent in French. Despite attending a French immersion elementary school, it seems as if he is now just at a conversational level when it comes to French.

He has spoken French in public a little bit over the years, but it’s clear to see that he isn’t very comfortable speaking the language, especially when he’s in Europe. 

It’s likely that as Justin Bieber has grown up, living in largely English-speaking areas in the US, he’s used his French skills less and less, so he is starting to lose his skills. So much so, that he has now started using translators for French interviews and content to ensure that there is no miscommunication. 

In the past, he has sung in French, but it looks like he’s just memorized the lyrics rather than learning the meaning behind them or knowing the language fluently. 

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So, there you have it. Surprisingly, Justin Bieber can only speak one language fluently, his native English, and a little bit of French from his school days.

This may come as a shock to fans who would have naturally assumed that he’d pick up some other languages while touring the globe, or could at least speak basic Spanish due to his more recent bilingual tracks. 

As he features on more and more Spanish-language tracks we can hope that Justin Bieber will pick up more of this beautiful language, which will come in handy when he’s doing press. No one wants a repeat of the time that they’d hired a bad translator for a radio interview and Justin Bieber ended up walking out altogether!

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