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How to Say Peace in 50 Different Languages

In our diverse world filled with different cultures and languages, one thing we all yearn for is peace. It’s that magical state of serenity, understanding, and togetherness that bridges gaps and unites us all. So, get ready to dive into a fascinating linguistic adventure as we discover how the word “peace” is expressed in 50 different languages.

From the big shots like English, Spanish, and French, to some lesser-known gems, we’re about to uncover a world of diverse expressions and shared aspirations.

How to Say Peace in Different Languages: List of 50 Languages

Here’s a list of the word “peace” in 50 different languages:

  1. English: Peace
  2. Spanish: Paz
  3. French: Paix
  4. German: Frieden
  5. Italian: Pace
  6. Portuguese: Paz
  7. Dutch: Vrede
  8. Swedish: Fred
  9. Danish: Fred
  10. Norwegian: Fred
  11. Finnish: Rauha
  12. Russian: Мир (Mir)
  13. Polish: Pokój
  14. Czech: Mír
  15. Slovak: Mier
  16. Hungarian: Béke
  17. Romanian: Pace
  18. Bulgarian: Мир (Mir)
  19. Greek: Ειρήνη (Eiríni)
  20. Turkish: Barış
  21. Arabic: سلام (Salam)
  22. Hebrew: שלום (Shalom)
  23. Persian: صلح (Solh)
  24. Hindi: शांति (Shanti)
  25. Urdu: امن (Aman)
  26. Bengali: শান্তি (Shanti)
  27. Tamil: அமைதி (Amaithi)
  28. Thai: สันติภาพ (Santipap)
  29. Chinese (Simplified): 和平 (Hépíng)
  30. Chinese (Traditional): 和平 (Hépíng)
  31. Japanese: 平和 (Heiwa)
  32. Korean: 평화 (Pyeonghwa)
  33. Vietnamese: Hòa bình
  34. Indonesian: Damai
  35. Malay: Kedamaian
  36. Swahili: Amani
  37. Zulu: Ukuthula
  38. Xhosa: Ukuphila
  39. Afrikaans: Vrede
  40. Icelandic: Friður
  41. Irish: Síocháin
  42. Scottish Gaelic: Sìth
  43. Welsh: Heddwch
  44. Catalan: Pau
  45. Basque: Bakea
  46. Galician: Paz
  47. Estonian: Rahu
  48. Latvian: Miers
  49. Lithuanian: Taika
  50. Serbian: Мир (Mir)
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Please note that translations can vary based on dialects and regional differences within each language.

And that’s a wrap on our epic language adventure! We’ve taken a whirlwind tour through 50 languages, discovering how “peace” is expressed in all its diverse and magical forms.

But hey, let’s not stop here! Armed with this newfound knowledge, let’s go forth and spread the vibes of peace. From “peace” to “paz” to “paix” and beyond, let’s embrace the beauty of diversity and celebrate the fact that we’re all in this big, crazy world together.

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