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How to Say “I Love You” in Sicilian

Sometimes referred to as the football of Italy, Sicily is an island off the Southwestern tip of the country. Famous for its cannolis, mafia connections, wine, and the volcano, Mt. Etna, Sicily is a popular spot for a lot of tourists and expats.

It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that traditional Italian is not really spoken in Sicily. Instead, they speak Sicilian, which does sometimes overlap with Italian but is a different language in itself. So, how can you say I love you in Sicilian?

Let’s dive in and find out more!

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How to Say I Love You in Sicilian to a Romantic Partner

If you want to say I love you in Sicilian to a romantic partner, you can say “T’amu”.

Saying I love you to a romantic partner is very different from saying I love you to family and friends. It’s a different context and there are different connotations that come with it.

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How to Say I Love You in Sicilian to Friends and Family

On the other hand, if you’re saying I love you to family and friends, you don’t really want to say “T’amu” –  it might cause some awkwardness for everyone involved! Instead, you’re going to want to say “Ti vugghiu bini”.

This is a more casual, less romantic way of saying I love you that’s more appropriate for these kinds of situations. 

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How to Say Other Terms of Endearment in Sicilian

Sometimes saying I love you is a bit much. Either you’re not quite there yet, or it’s not a suitable phrase for the situation at hand or the person you’re speaking to. Here are some alternate affectionate phrases in Sicilian that you might find useful from time to time.

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If you’re talking directly to a loved one you might want to say “I miss you”, which would be “M’ammanchi”. If you’re a little more lustful, you might opt for “I want you”, which is “Ti vogghiu”. You’ll notice it’s pretty close to one of the variations of I love you, so be careful not to mix these up.

At a party or a function and you want to get your date or crush out on the dancefloor? Then why not say “C’abballi cu mia?” which translates to “Would you like to dance with me?”.

Finally, there are a ton of affectionate pet names that you can call your partner in Sicilian. Here are a few of the best or most common ones:

  • M’amore (My love)
  • Amore (Love)
  • Bidduzza (Beautiful or beauty)
  • Bedda (Beautiful (to a female))
  • Beddu (Beautiful (to a male))
  • Dusci (Sweetheart)

Sicilian is a hugely affectionate language, so take your pick are give them practice before trying them out in the real world!

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