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What Languages Does Lady Gaga Speak?

As one of the biggest stars on the planet, and being of Italian heritage, you might think that Lady Gaga speaks many languages. Acting and singing in multiple languages is something that we’ve seen Lady Gaga do quite a lot, so what languages does Lady Gaga speak and how fluent is she?

Let’s dive in and find out.

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What Languages Can Lady Gaga Speak?

According to reports, Lady Gaga can speak two languages either fluently or at a conversational level: English and French.

This might come as a surprise to some people as Lady Gaga has sung in multiple languages throughout her career, and she’s traveled around the world a lot.

Often you pick up odd words and phrases while you’re on the road that can come in handy from time to time, especially if you’re on stage or doing press in different countries and don’t want to rely on an interpreter. 

It’s been rumored that Lady Gaga can speak many more languages, and while she does know a couple of words and phrases in a lot of different languages, it doesn’t seem like she can speak any other languages to at least a conversational level, if not fluently. 

Lady Gaga’s Language Background

As a native New Yorker, English is Lady Gaga’s first language and one that she speaks fluently. The second language that she speaks may come as a surprise. Despite her Italian roots, she doesn’t speak Italian but speaks French instead.

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She’s previously given interviews in French and has sung Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” in its original French in the hit film, A Star is Born. It’s interesting to know that Bradley Cooper, her co-star and the director of this film, also speaks French to a high level.

Learning the language during her time at a New York private school called the Convent of the Sacred Heart, there have been plenty of videos and interviews of Lady Gaga speaking French.

While there is no confirmation of her being fluent in the French language, she can definitely hold her own in conversation.

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Can Lady Gaga Speak Italian?

It’s assumed by a lot of people that Lady Gaga speaks Italian, and while it does seem like she knows a few keywords and phrases that she has used in interviews and at her concerts, she cannot speak the language fluently.

She has sung a number of lines in Italian in a few songs, but there is no sign that she can speak Italian fluently, or even to a conversational level.

a microphone for a singer

Can Lady Gaga Speak German?

Again, German is a language that Lady Gaga has been singing in for a while in a number of her songs. As such, it’s assumed that Lady Gaga can speak German, but there is no evidence to support this.

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While it’s likely that she knows a few words and phrases, fluency in German is not a skill that Lady Gaga is thought to possess.

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Can Lady Gaga Speak Swedish?

Swedish is another language that Lady Gaga has sung over the years, however, Lady Gaga does not speak Swedish fluently. As a global superstar, it’s not uncommon for her to add in lyrics in different languages.

That being said, it looks like it’s another case of Lady Gaga knowing a couple of phrases for the song and not being able to speak any more Swedish than that.

Knowing a couple of words in a lot of languages can come in handy if you’re on the road all the time and don’t have time to learn multiple languages fluently.

Does Lady Gaga Like Learning Languages?

Lady Gaga has spoken publicly in the past about how much she loves learning languages. By embracing different languages in her music, it’s clear that she has respect for other languages and wants to promote music in multiple languages, despite only speaking two languages to conversational level and above. 

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All in all, while Lady Gaga can speak a few lines in an awful lot of languages including Italian, Swedish, and German, she only speaks English fluently and French to a conversational level.

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Having Italian and German ancestry might have contributed to her interest in different languages, while her private schooling in New York has definitely left a lasting impact on her language-learning journey. 

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