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France Visa Proof of Accommodation: What You Need to Show

The France Visa Proof of Accommodation requirement goes hand in hand with the financial requirements for the Long Stay France Visa. Other countries, like Italy, require you to have a signed lease before you even apply for the visa. However, France is a lot more reasonable with their proof of accommodation requirement and only requires you to show proof if you would like to show less money for the financial requirement.

It’s a bit complicated, so let’s get into the specifics.

France Visa Proof of Accommodation Requirements

Here’s how the France Visa Proof of Accommodation requirement works together with the financial requirement for the visa:

The Long Stay Visa France Financial Requirement is 120 euros per day. If you provide proof of accommodation through a hotel (or Airbnb) then this requirement goes down to 65 euros per day.

If you have a hotel booking BUT it doesn’t cover the full 365 days, then you have to provide 65 euros per day for the days with a booking and the full 120 euros for the other days.

If you can find someone in France who agrees to “host” you for the whole year (they can say they will but you don’t actually have to stay with them) then the amount per day goes down to 32.50 euros per day.

When you finish filling out your online application for the France visa, it will show you a list of the requirements for your visa.

Under the “Proof of Accommodation” section, it shows that you can provide a property title deed, tenancy agreement or any other supporting document. Or proof that accommodation will be provided by a person residing in France, or if not, a document explaining the accommodation arrangements planned for France.

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proof of accommodation requirement for France visa

So basically, if you have proof of accommodation, it will bring down the financial requirement for the visa. But if you don’t have proof of accommodation, then that number will be higher but you can just provide a document that says you plan to find accommodation once you get to France.

France is quite reasonable when it comes to this requirement, so just present as much proof as you can (an Airbnb booking, for example) and then write a letter stating what your plan is for your accommodation once in France.

What I Used for My Proof of Accommodation for the Long Stay France Visa

In order to bring down the financial requirement for the visa, I wanted to have as much proof of accommodation as possible.

I booked an Airbnb for 1 month, had a friend who was living in France be my “host” for 6 months, and then wrote a letter explaining that I would look for accommodation for the rest of the time in France.

In this case, I only needed to show 26,355 euros since I provided 2 different types of proof of accommodation and then only had to provide the full amount for the last 6 months of my stay.

So here is how the math works in this specific scenario:

This is 65 euros x 30 days = 1,950 euros

32.25 euros x 180 days = 5,805 euros

120 euros x 155 days = 18,600 euros

Total = 26,355 euros

Using Airbnb as Proof of Accommodation

In order to use Airbnb as your proof of accommodation, I would first print out the reservation page. Then, you can scroll down in your reservation and click on “Get a PDF for visa purposes.”

Airbnb PDF for visa proof of accommodation

It will then ask you to put the names of the travelers. Make sure you type in the name that matches your passport. If you are traveling with other people, you will need to print out a copy of this PDF for each application.

traveler information Airbnb

You can choose the language for the PDF, I chose French since I also had my bank statements translated to French and all of my letters were written in French.

preferred language for the proof of accommodation Airbnb PDF

The PDF will show the dates that you plan to travel and the names of the travelers.

proof of accommodation for France Visa through Airbnb

If you don’t have a lot of money in savings and want to bring down your financial requirement, you can book a refundable Airbnb or Booking accommodation and cancel after you get your visa.

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I wouldn’t recommend doing that with an Airbnb, since it would hurt the host’s chance to get actual bookings at their Airbnb. However, if you find a hotel that is 100% refundable, that would be a better option for your proof of accommodation.

Using a Host for Proof of Accommodation

If you want to use a host for your proof of accommodation, there are a few different ways to do this.

The official France visa website says you need to get a letter from the local town hall where your host lives. However, I didn’t do this and it still worked.

Instead of getting that letter, I got a copy of their French ID, their lease/deed for their house, plus a copy of their utility bill in their name. I also wrote a letter on their behalf saying they would be hosting me for 6 months.

To be clear, I had no intention of actually staying with them. This doesn’t actually matter, France just wants to know that if you were out of money, there are people who would be responsible for you.

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So if you want to use a host, make sure you get these things from them:

  • a picture of their signature (to add to their signed letter)
  • a copy of their French ID
  • a copy of their lease or deed
  • a copy of their utility bill

You can write the letter for them and then add their signature, I have those letters pre-written which you can download below.

In order to add a signature, when you open the PDF on a Mac you can go to “View” and choose “Show Markup Toolbar”, then click on the signature icon. You can take a picture of the signature and add it digitally here.

add signature to PDF

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    What Does the Official France Visa Website Say About Proof of Accommodation?

    In the Q&A section of the official visa website, it talks about the requirements if you plan to use a host as your proof of accommodation. If you have more savings and don’t plan to use a host, you don’t need to worry about this part of the application process.

    Proof of Accommodation Q&A on France Visa Website

    The second part covers how you can use your proof of accommodation to prove that you have the financial ability to travel and cover the expenses of your trip.

    Proof of Accommodation Question and Answers on France Visa Site

    Read More About France:


    Monday 25th of April 2022

    Hello! Thanks so much for the in-depth explanation. Can I ask the format you used for the letter you used to explain your plans for accommodation in France? Thanks in advance!


    Sunday 30th of January 2022

    Hi!! Thank you so much for laying out all the details. Really appreciate it! I am in the middle of preparing for it but a few questions I got.

    1. I think I am going for 3 months airbnb booking (I have $60K cash saving... hoping this is enough) - Airbnb is now overpriced for what it is and I feel bummed to do it though). I haven't booked the interview appointment yet but the application is already asking the name of the hotel (airbnb) when I fill out. How am I supposed to fill this part out?? I really have no idea when I can have the appointment and when my visa can start. Isn't this tricky that I need to pay now for the period that I am not sure when I can go?

    2. I know once you arrive, you have to validate the visa. Do I have to live in the place in the address you submitted? If I live in a different address from what I claimed I would be, do they ask questions on that?

    Sorry tons of detailed questions... Looking forward to hearing from you. Your blog is super helpful.Thank you!!!


    Friday 4th of March 2022

    Hey Kiki! That sounds like plenty, it's way more than I had! I don't think you need 3 months of Airbnb booked. Try just one and then add on more if you need it. For the Airbnb part, you'll need to just put the address of the Airbnb you booked. So you do need to have it booked before your visa appointment. Decide on the day you want to get to France and you'll have to make decisions based on that. As long as it's at least a month out from your appointment, you're good! I know it's a lot of hard decisions quickly, but if you present your flight and Airbnb at your appointment, it'll help your visa get accepted and you'll probably get it back faster since you have an official date of arrival. In order to validate your visa, you need to have an official address in France. So hopefully you have an apartment by then! It doesn't need to be (and shouldn't be) the Airbnb address you used at your visa appointment. I hope that helped! Sorry, it took me a while, I literally have been running around Nice, France doing this whole process again! lol Good luck!!

    Amy McAlpine

    Friday 21st of January 2022


    Sorry to be very annoying with a specific question, but i dont know where to turn! I'm wanting to apply for a working holiday visa in France, but can't navigate the online application for this visa. It seems to only give options for 'visiting' (ie not working) or for official work (ie have a contract already or business purposes). Do you know what 'purpose of visit' i should put if im trying to get the working holiday visa, which is a bit of both of the options above?

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Amy