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Minimalist Travel Photography Gear You Need to Travel With

If you don’t already know I love taking pictures of my travels. However, my husband and I travel extremely light. We never check a bag and will do anything to not pay for luggage. One of the ways we never have to check any luggage is by using minimalist travel photography gear.

By doing this, we are able to save hundreds (maybe even thousands) on travel every year which means more travel for us!

Here is everything that you need to make sure you are ready for your next photography adventure!

1. Camera

minimalist travel photography gear
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $899.00

Reviews: 4.6/5 (400+)

“Amazing little camera, went from a Canon 70D to an a6000 for the size, to the X-T20. This is my favorite camera that I’ve owned so far. I picked this camera with the 16-50mm because it was all that was in stock at the time, as well as the 35mm F2.”

“I am a beginner/amateur in photography, attached are some pictures that I’ve taken with this and the 16-50 & 35mm lenses.” – Shane

Why I Love It: This camera is perfect for everyone. If you are a beginner then set it to automatic and just click away! If you are a professional it is a mirrorless camera so the processing speed is unbelievable. This camera also has amazing image quality that make colors pop.

It is 24.3 megapixels, 5.0Fps shooting, startup time of 0.4 seconds, shutter time lag of 0.050 seconds, shooting interval of 0.25 seconds, and has 4k video. Also, I get compliments all the time about how cute it is so that’s a plus!

2. Lense

Fujifilm Lense
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $385.99

Reviews: 4.6/5 (200+)

“I shoot with prime lenses almost all the time (16, 23, 35, 56). This is the only Fujifilm zoom lens I own. I got it for 3 reasons: It covers almost all those focal lengths so I can travel light with just this lens; it has built-in image stabilization so is much better for video; it’s very good value for money.”

“The image stabilization works well. I can shoot handheld at 1/3 of a second easily (example attached at 1/3, 44mm, f4.0, iso 12,800). I will stick with the primes for my pro work but I love being able to leave those behind and cover a broad focal range with a single lens.” – Mark

Why I Love It: This is the perfect lens to shoot on. it has great zoom and does a great job at capturing light and colors. It is also small enough that it fits perfectly in its case while still attached to the camera. This lens lets you get as fancy as you want while still letting you switch it to automatic and just click away.

3. Camera Strap

Leather Camera Strap
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $14.90

Reviews: 4.7/5 (600+)

“Love my new camera strap! I’m a professional portrait photographer. There are SO many options out there for camera straps — but honestly, I’m not a girly girl but I also don’t like the standard Canon straps. I was really looking for something simple, reliable, and also fashionable — essentially, something neutral! This exceeded my expectations. Comfortable. Great price. Great design. Highly recommend!” – Kym Williams

Why I Love It: You definitely need a camera strap so that you don’t drop your camera so why not a leather one that looks great! I’ve had mine for 3 years and it still looks great and it’s comfortable to wear for a full day of picture-taking. Fits all cameras.

4. Lens Cap

Lense Cap
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $7.49

Reviews: 4.7/5 (2,200+)

“I’ve been missing my lens cap for over a year. So I decided to check Amazon for lens caps that might work. To my surprise, I found this great deal where you get two lens caps and a lens cap keeper. To be honest I wasn’t sure how to attach the lens cap keeper and had to go back to the description on the product to figure it out. There is a hole in the cap that the string of the keeper goes through. Yeah, no more losing my lens cap and my lens should be protected against my abuse! I’m very pleased with the product and definitely would recommend it to others.” – Spiraling Upward

Why I Love It: The lens cap that I currently have came with my camera. It is constantly falling off and it has almost rolled off of a cliff multiple times. This lens cap comes with a string that attaches to the lens itself so that when you take the cap off it can hang freely without you having to worry about losing it.

This lens cap fits multiple makes and models of cameras. To find out what size to get look for a Ø (O with a line through it) on your camera. This is the size of lens cap that you will need. My camera lens is an 18-55mm lens and it needs an Ø58 (or 58mm lens cap).

5. Screen Protector

Camera Screen Protector
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $7.38

Reviews: 4.6/5 (150+)

“Just put this product on a new X-S10, and it was super easy! The step-by-step instructions are simple and easy to follow. The glass was an exact fit to the screen, and if you have steady hands, pretty easy to line up using the alignment stickers, which are provided. Air under the screensaver was easily pushed out and no bubbles.”

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“Turned out so well, it’s hard to tell there is a screensaver on the back of my camera!” – Rick

Why I Love It: This has saved my screen and I’m so happy that I bought it. I’ve used the same one for about 3 years now and still works! Make sure that you buy a screen that will fit your camera’s screen.

6. Camera Case

Leather Camera Case
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $36.40

Reviews: 4.3/5 (150+)

“I bought my X-T20 recently and decided to buy a case bag which would be enough to cover my camera and protect it from any scratches or damage. I already had in my mind an idea and just searched through Amazon. I didn’t hesitate to buy this case cover because it is really good quality and fits perfectly my X-T20. I highly recommend it to those people who are looking for a nice attractive design and decent leather quality.” – Giorgi

Why I Love It: This camera case comes with a lens protector as well as protection for the body. It is very high quality and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a camera case. It has protection against bumps, dust, damage, scratches, and shock.

Plus, it makes your camera the perfect accessory for any outfit you are wearing. This case also comes with a camera strap. Make sure that you buy the right case to fit your camera’s make and model.

7. SD Card

SD Card
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $31.49

Reviews: 4.8/5 (110,600+)

“As expected it does what it says it does. This is a really good card and it records 4K video like a champ. The bottom line is the card does what it says it does.” – Ron M

Why I Love It: Make sure that you get an SD card that has plenty of storage space especially if you are planning on taking a lot of videos. If you are traveling for a week this is a 128GB is a good size card (I take way too many pictures).

Make sure that you get a card that works for your camera. This SD card is a 30V and some cameras will require a faster SD card (60-90V).

8. SD Card Reader

SD Card Reader
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $16.99

Reviews: 4.5/5 (10,600+)

“I love this product. This has all the different card ports you need and I’ve had no issues! The light turns on and blue when it’s plugged in and powered on. With some other card readers I’ve had an issue where my computer doesn’t read it but this one works great.” – Giulia Rose

Why I Love It: This card reader is great for all cards including cf, sd, sdhc, scxc, mmc, mmc micro, rs mmc, mini sd, micro sd, ms duo, ms pro, ms pro duo, and ms pro hg duo.

That means that you don’t need a different reader for your GoPro card, your camera card, or whatever else you need a card for. Just simply plug the reader to your computer and then insert the SD card and start downloading!

9. Extra Camera Batteries

Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $24.99

Reviews: 4.7/5 (50+)

“When I’m shooting with my newish Fujifilm, I have no idea whether my camera contains the Fujifilm battery that came with my $1,399 camera, or one of these cheap knockoffs. The power is consistent, it is long-lasting, and they charge quickly in the charger that comes with them. No charger comes with the expensive Fujifilm battery.” – Old Austin

Why I Love It: Three batteries have been the perfect amount of batteries for me. The one that came with my camera and the 2 extras that I bought. These Wasabi brand batteries are a fraction of the cost of Fujifilm batteries and work just as well.

This battery will work on some Fujifilm cameras but Wasabi has a battery for every camera make and model. Never run out of battery again on your long travel days!

10. Camera Bag

Camera Bag
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $29.99

Reviews: 4.8/5 (500+)

“The bag is bigger than I thought and I love the color. The bag is also cushioned very well. It is exactly the amount of space I need. I have room to keep my camera (with a strap attached), lens hood and wall battery charger in the main compartment. Then in the pouch on top of the main compartment, I have one of my lens caps and screen clothes. In the front compartment, I put my extra batteries (2) and usb/charger cords. In the rear compartment, I am able to fit my lens folder.”

“None of my stuff is smashed in any of the locations nor did I have to use force to get them there. And I still have plenty of room to add additional items, with compartments going unused. It is exactly what I need as a beginner photographer!” – Alexandria Credeur

Why I Love It: This bag is as close to the bag that I currently use as I could find (only better). This bag is shock proof and cushioned and has a waterproof cover that goes over the whole bag. Perfect protection for your camera when you are traveling and its sitting at the bottom of your backpack.

11. Backpack for Camera

Adidas Backpack
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $65.00

Reviews: 4.8/5 (4,500+)

“This bag has so many pockets. The largest compartment holds a fairly good-sized laptop even bigger than mine, as well as some books. The next size down I haven’t even used yet but I guess it’s for a tablet. Then there’s a slightly smaller one which holds my charger cable, some pens and other items. There is a small zipper pocket slightly below that which holds my phone. The front pocket holds keys, random pens, and the usual items you might toss into the front pouch of a backpack. The sides feature two mesh pockets for a water bottle or such.”

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“The straps are awesome. They are very heavy-duty and look stylish. The way they sit on my back, it doesn’t feel too heavy even when I’m carrying the max amount of items I need on my longest days.” – Bonnie Boas

Why I Love It: This bag has been perfect for carrying my camera bag as well as my laptop and a lot more! When my husband and I travel we try to only bring carry-on bags so that we don’t have to pay to check in a bag every time we fly. Airlines usually allow a carry-on (small suitcase or large backpack) and personal item (small bag) and this bag works great as a personal item.

12. Travel Tripod

Camera Tripod
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $69.95

Reviews: 4.6/5 (150+)

“A nice and light travel tripod. I usually buy Manfrotto tripods…but couldn’t find something in this price point with the same quality and weight. We went to Mexico and I needed something light to carry around the ruins. I took a chance on a new brand (to me) and wasn’t disappointed. I use a Nikon d7000 and my travel lenses are the 18-200mm VR and the 70-300mm VR which are both quite heavy glass and the tripod held them with ease. The build quality is excellent, with the head being particularly good. I used it on the beach for low-light sunset shots, some crazy angled shots in the ruins (as the legs have two positions). It is a great light travel tripod and I recommend it as that.” – Marcincan

Why I Love It: My husband and I call this our third wheel because it comes on every trip with us. It is so compact that it fits in the water bottle holder on the side of our hiking backpack that we use as our suitcase. It also only weighs two pounds!

It’s super sturdy and you can adjust each leg individually so that you can get a level picture everytime. Also, asking people to take pictures for you is the worst because they mess up the shot 99% of the time and this eliminates that!

13. Camera Cleaning Kit

Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $10.99

Reviews: 4.5/5 (7,800+)

“I think this is a great starter kit for anyone, I used it to get the dust off my sensor with the air duster included and it worked flawlessly. The wipes are soft and clean the lenses perfectly and you get quite a few of them. The brush worked well and got into spaces I couldn’t otherwise get dust from on my lenses. “

“All and all I have no complaints this is an excellent starter kit for anyone. The pouch is resealable and fits in my camera bag so I can take it everywhere!” – Calvin A. Acosta

Why I Love It: Keeps your camera nice and clean so you don’t have to worry about dust, water condensation, and other things getting into your camera.

14. GoPro Hero 8

GoPro Hero 8 kit
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $329.00

Reviews: 4.7/5 (4,800+)

“Good packaging and awesome product. Don’t waste your money on other cheap action cameras.” – Saksham Raj

Why I Love It: This is another great thing to add to your minimalist travel photography gear list. This is the GoPro that I have and I love it. It is waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet) without a case, it has video stabilization built into it so you don’t have to worry about buying a gimble or anything like that, and it shoots video in 4k.

This kit also comes with an extra battery (which you will need), an SD card, a head mount, and a tripod.

This camera is a great way to save on space so that you don’t have to bring a huge waterproof camera case with you. This GoPro can just fit in your backpack and is very compact.

15. Waterproof GoPro Case

Waterproof GoPro Case
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $16.95

Reviews: 4.6/5 (2,600+)

“Great product – fits my GoPro8 perfectly. I use this when mounted on my motorcycle helmet chin – protects my camera from rain, bugs, rocks, etc.”

“I especially like the silver buttons (on/off/record) which are far more effective than the GoPro8 buttons themselves (especially since I use moto gloves) as they offer a much greater “tactile feel” when starting/stopping recordings.”

“Additionally, the wing tip screw is perfect – much easier to tighten/loosen. No need for a separate wrench or Allen key. Highly recommended.” – Markluke

Why I Love It: This case makes it so that your GoPro is waterproof up to 60 meters (196 feet). This is great if you like to scuba dive or freediver. This specific case is for the Hero 8 but they also make a case for the 6 and 7.

16. GoPro Floating Hand Grip

GoPro Floatation Grip
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $14.99

Reviews: 4.6/5 (2,200+)

“We used this snorkeling and it performed as advertised. It floated well with the camera attached but was also not difficult to dive with, and it was easy and comfortable to hold. The wriststrap kept it secure when we needed to have our hands free in the water. I was very satisfied with the product and thought it was a great value that protected our camera and made it easier to use underwater.” – Veritaslibertat

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Why I Love It: This floatation device makes it so your GoPro won’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. The bottom also unscrews and can hold things like keys. This floatation is compatible with any GoPro model.

17. GoPro Screen Protector

GoPro Screen Protector
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $19.00

Reviews: 4.7/5 (350+)

“When I get electronics, I use them. Hard. Replaced my iPhone screen in the first month (whoopsie) and then learned about tempered glass. Now I put that sheet on everything.”

“This was simple to apply, adheres well, and doesn’t affect touch screen capabilities at all. Best of all, it’s cheap. If you use your stuff like it’s meant to be used, grab one, you’ll be glad when your camera isn’t smashed up.” – Ryan Geary

Why I Love It: Before I bought the Hero 8 we had the 4 and the lens got really scratched. So we made sure that when we bought the 8 we had protection for it.

These protectors are GoPro official and are anti-fingerprint/anti-scratch. These protectors are for the Hero 8 only so make sure you buy the right protector for your GoPro model.

18. GoPro Rubber Case

GoPro Rubber Case
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $10.03

Reviews: 4.6/5 (2,100+)

“Fits snug to the GoPro Hero 8 and looks more aesthetic than a naked GoPro. Easy to take on and off for access to the battery and memory card (the battery port cannot be accessed while the silicone case is on, so you have to take it off to charge your GoPro).”

“Camera buttons are easy to press with the case on, smooth like butter. The back LCD screen is completely accessible. Great product to protect your investment into a new camera.” – Sarah Logann

Why I Love It: This case is great for protection out of the water. It is shockproof and scratchproof. Also, the waterproof casing makes it so the mic doesn’t pick up anything so make sure to use this case. This case is only for the Hero 8 so make sure you buy the right case for your GoPro model.

19. MacBook Air

MacBook Air
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $929.00

Reviews: 4.8/5 (9,900+)

“No complaints so far. Very fast and performs great. I had a 2014 MacBook Air and finally upgraded this year. This is leagues beyond that entry and I’m very happy with this upgrade.” – JJ

Why I Love It: This is my favorite thing I own (tied with my camera). The reason that this is on the list is that you got to have a place to download and edit your photos. This computer is also super lightweight at only 2.8 lbs. Make sure to get a USB adapter so that you can download photos with ease.

20. Google Photos

Google Photos

Price: 2TB $10 per month

Why I Love It: Never put your photos on a hard drive ever again! Hard drives are bulky and get viruses so easily. Google Photos makes it so you have all of your photos in one spot and are full resolution. I am currently on the 2TB plan and think it’s totally worth it.

Also, if you download the Google Photos app then you can upload all of the photos that you take on your phone too! You can try it for free for the first 15GB of uploads and see how you like it.

21. Lightroom

Watch Adobe Lightroom CC Essential Training | Prime Video

Price: $9.99 per month with 1TB of storage

Why I Love It: This is my favorite way to edit photos. This is how I edit all of my photos for Instagram and for my blog. There are tons of free presets online that I use to edit my photos so there is not much of a learning curve. You can try it free for the first 7 days too to see if you like it.

22. DJI Mini

DJI Mini
Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Price: $599.00

Reviews: 4.8/5 (8,700+)

“Significant upgrades across the board when compared to the Mini 1. The main one is definitely Ocusync 2.0, which is a tremendous improvement from the Wifi system utilized in the Mini 1. Everything else was bumped up a bit as well: 4k camera, improved top speed, implementation of RAW image format. It’s basically what the Mini 1 should have been.” – PrimeShopper

Why I Love It: This is number one on my wishlist. There is no other way to get the perspective that a drone can get. This kit comes with the drone, remote controller, 3 DJI Mavic mini 2 intelligent flight batteries, 3 spare propellers, type-c cable, gimbal protector, RC cable (Micro USB connector), RC Cable (USB-C connector), RC Cable (Lightning connector), spare control sticks, 18 spare screws, screwdriver, propeller holder, two-way charging hub, DJI 18W USB Charger, shoulder bag.

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