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How to Buy an iTalki Gift Card

iTalki is for sure the best way to learn a language online on a super low budget (which I’m all about!). Instead of giving your loved one a generic mug that says “bonjour” on it, you can ACTUALLY give them language classes that can really teach them a language by gifting them an iTalki Gift Card.

I’ve taken hundreds of classes on iTalki (usually at about $5-$7 per class) and it has taught me Italian, improved my Spanish, and got me to an intermediate level with my French.

Basically, you are paying a native speaker to talk to you WITHOUT using English for a half-hour to an hour. There is absolutely nothing more valuable than that at any level of language learning.

You can find my language study plan here to show exactly how I use these classes with only a few other (free) resources to learn a language quickly!

Is iTalki the right gift for your language learner?

Are you worried that the person you are buying the gift card for might not have used iTalki before?

Even if they haven’t used it, you can still get them a gift card and they’ll definitely be thanking you for introducing them to the best and cheapest way to learn languages online.

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The only thing they need to do in order to use the gift card is to create an account through iTalki. This is only if they haven’t used iTalki before.

Italki is the best website out there for one-on-one classes with native speakers (trust me, I’ve tried others and they don’t compare!) so don’t worry that they might not like it.

If they love languages, they are going to love iTalki!

Buy an iTalki Gift Card
Why to use iTalki

How to send an italki gift card

Since iTalki is an online company, you can’t buy a physical gift card to give away. Instead, you will be using to send a virtual gift card to the email of the person you would like to receive the card.

In order to send a gift card, you will need to create an account with iTalki, then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Buy a Gift Card.”

italki buy a gift card menu

You can choose the amount that you would like to send them. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have an account yet, either!

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$20 will get them about 3-4 classes with a native speaker, which is an awesome gift for any language learner!!

gift cards on italki
Buy an iTalki Gift Card

How to Redeem an Italki Gift Card

Once they get the email, they can log into their iTalki account and click on the “My Wallet” tab.

italki menu

In the “My Wallet” tab they can see the credits that they have already bought for iTalki (if they have used it before) as well as an area where they can redeem their gift card.

redeem an italki gift card

All they need to redeem their iTalki gift card is the code that was sent to them in their Gift Card email. And that’s it! Super easy and painless for them to start learning a language thanks to you!

Gift Language Lessons Through iTalki!

Language Learning Must-Haves

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how to buy an italki gift card

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