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8 Lanai Snorkel Tours Your Family Will Love

Lanai is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Hawaii since the island offers clear waters and plenty of marine life to view. So it’s the perfect place to take a Lanai snorkeling tour!

Some tours will take you to specific snorkeling sites, while others may give you a more general overview of the island’s snorkeling locations.

Be sure to book in advance. These tours fill up quickly, especially during the summer months.

1. Lanai Dolphin Adventure & 2 Snorkel Sites

Lanai Snorkel Tours
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $155 per person

Duration: 4 hours

Departs From: Lahaina Harbor, Maui, HI

Rating: 5/5 (450+ reviews) Best Tour

What’s Included: Avoid the crowded boat trips and have a more personalized experience of Lani. In small groups of no more than 22 people, travel to Lanai Island.

Stop off and view tropical fish, turtles, octopuses, manta rays, and dolphins while snorkeling. This tour includes breakfast and snacks, as well as education and support for Maui’s whale entanglement response team.

2. From Lahaina Harbor: Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin Encounter Aboard Quicksilver

Maui to Lanai Boat Tours
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $140 per person

Duration: 5.5 hours

Departs From: Lāhainā Loading Dock

Rating: 4.5/5 (320+ reviews)

What’s Included: Take a snorkeling trip from Lahaina to Lanai, or Pineapple Island, on this excursion from Lahaina. Near Shark Fin and Manele Bay, snorkel beneath 300-foot high cliffs while searching for sightings of Lanai’s resident pod of Spinner dolphins. This trip also includes breakfast and lunch to keep you going all day long.

3. From Lahaina: Lana’i Coast Maui Sail and Snorkel Trip

Group Snorkel tour from maui
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $172 per person

Duration: 5 hours

Departs From: Lahaina Harbor

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Rating: 4.9/5 (150+ reviews)

What’s Included: At certain snorkeling sites, you may discover breathtaking reefs. Examine the famous cliffs of Lana’i from the catamaran. Relax with a drink and tropical fruits of your choice on board the boat. A continental breakfast and a deli-style lunch are included in the price.

4. Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin and Whale Watch from Lahaina

snorkeling in Lanai
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $140 per person

Duration: 5 hours

Departs From: Lahaina, HI

Rating: 4.5/5 (120+ reviews)

What’s Included: Prepare for a lovely day of sun and sea on this guided, 5-hour dolphin watch and snorkeling excursion. Sail to one of the world’s best diving sites — picturesque blue seas off Lanai Island — for an unforgettable experience.

Watch Hawaiian Spinner, bottlenose, and spotted dolphins swimming alongside the boat before plunging into a coral reef for a snorkel with diverse marine life. All required gear is supplied, as well as continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments along the way.

5. Half Day Ocean Snorkel in Lanai Island and Spinner Dolphin Search

Best dive spots in Lanai
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $149 per person

Duration: 4.5 hours

Departs From: Lahaina, HI

Rating: 4.5/5 (50+ reviews)

What’s Included: From Maui’s Kaanapali Beach, take a snorkeling trip along the island’s cave-studded shores and colorful marine life. Make two stops to swim into clear, warm seas where green sea turtles and maybe even a large pod of spinner dolphins are frequently seen, with an experienced captain giving commentary along the way.

Enjoy your morning meal on a spacious boat with all of the facilities you need for a relaxing half-day cruise around Lanai’s secret sea caverns and beaches.

6. Maui: Lanai Snorkel & Dolphin Watch from Lahaina Harbor

Snorkeling in Hawaii
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $155 per person

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Duration: 5 hours

Departs From: Lahaina, HI

Rating: 4.6/5 (50+ reviews)

What’s Included: Snorkel on the island of Lanai, which has an abundance of marine life and is located off Hawaii’s rugged coast. See wild dolphins including acrobatic spinner dolphins, amiable bottlenose, and spotted dolphins that may be encountered in the waters around Lanai.

Enjoy a continental breakfast, freshly grilled BBQ lunch, and cool beverages throughout your journey. Take part in a free guided reef tour led by one of our qualified Marine Naturalists.

7. From Lahaina: Eco-Raft Snorkel and Dolphin Tour to Lanai

Dolphin snorkeling Lanai
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $139 per person

Duration: 4-6 hours

Departs From: Lahaina Harbor

Rating: 4.5/5

What’s Included: Discover a beautiful underwater world with exciting fish, turtles, and other creatures. Enjoy banana bread topped with passionfruit cream cheese and seasonal fruit.

All skill levels will receive snorkeling gear and instruction in a group setting. Get the opportunity to meet wild dolphins while swimming about. Capture photographs of the island’s rocky coast from the water.

8. Maui: Two Tank Lanai Boat Dive Adventure to Lanai Cathedrals

scuba diving Lanai
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $467 per person

Duration: 5 hours

Departs From: Lahaina

What’s Included: On a 100 percent biodiesel ship, go on a two-tank diving excursion. View the First or Second Cathedral as you dive through incredible rock caves. On two separate dives in the region, descend to depths of 50-75 feet (15-23 meters).

The spectacular variety of tropical marine life and water clarity will amaze you. Breakfast dishes include fresh fruit, bagels, juice, and spreads to whet your appetite.

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Is There Good Snorkeling on Lanai?

Yes, the snorkeling on Lanai is some of the best in the world! Lanai is known for its dramatic cliffs, secluded beaches, and tranquil waters, making it a snorkeler’s paradise.

There are many great snorkeling spots around the island, but some of the best include Hulopo’e Beach Park, Manele Bay, and Shark Fin Cove.

These areas are teeming with sea life, including turtles, tropical fish, octopus, manta rays, dolphins, and even whales during whale season.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Go Snorkeling on Lanai?

The best time to go snorkeling on Lanai is during the summer months when the water is calm and visibility is at its best.

However, even during the winter months, the waters around Lanai are usually calm and clear.

What Do Guests Need to Bring?

All you need to bring for a day of snorkeling on Lanai is your bathing suit, reef-safe sunscreen, towel, and any personal items you might need.

If you don’t have your own snorkel gear, no worries! Most crew will provide you with everything you need, including a mask, fins, snorkel, and even snorkel instruction.

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