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My Honest Kwiziq Review: Is it Worth the Price?

Here’s my honest Kwiziq review and whether I think it’s worth the price.

I found Kwiziq through another language-learning blog and have been obsessed with it ever since. I haven’t really used anything like it before and I fell in love with the metrics and setup of the whole thing.

If you’re wondering whether you should try Kwiziq or not, keep reading and I’ll help you decide for yourself.

I used and paid for Kwiziq for a while before I reached out to them because I was super excited about sharing their product on here and helping other learners find it.

They gifted me a year’s subscription to both French & Spanish, but all opinions are my own and this post has not been reviewed by Kwiziq.

What is Kwiziq?

According to their factsheet, “Kwiziq is an artificially intelligent (AI) ‘language coach’ for people learning a second language. It learns what students know and don’t know in order to help them learn a language more efficiently. Students report learning up to 10x faster.”

Kwiziq teaches French grammar and Spanish grammar through “kwizzes” that change based on the questions you answer right or wrong.

Each “Kwiz” is unique because it will build the next quiz differently according to the wrong answers you gave it in the previous quiz.

What Languages Are Available on Kwiziq?

Kwiziq is currently only available in Spanish (Spain or Latin America) and French.

At the moment, you can only choose Spain or Latin America, not both.

Is Kwiziq Free?

There is a free version and a paid (premium) version of Kwiziq. With the free version, Kwiziq offers 10 free quizzes per month per language, so 10 free Spanish quizzes and 10 free French quizzes.

If you want to use more than that, then you’ll have to upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan.

Is Kwiziq Worth the Price?

In my opinion, yes, Kwiziq is definitely worth the price if you struggle to study grammar topics on your own.

Kwiziq Review: The Pros

Let’s go over the pros of using Kwiziq and why I think it’s worth the price tag.

You Start With a Placement Test

When you first log into your Kwiziq account, you’ll be asked to take a proficiency test for that language. I’ve taken quite a few proficiency tests and I honestly think this one placed me exactly in the right place. It was super accurate.

I took the iTalki Placement Tests that were $35 and took them for two of my languages and felt like they placed me a level higher than they should have. For example, iTalki placed me at a C1 for Spanish, but Kwiziq placed me at a B2.

I took an official CEFR test for Spanish (the only language I’ve ever officially been tested in and got a certificate for) and I was awarded a B2. So I know that that level is very accurate for my level of Spanish.

I was super impressed that Kwiziq was able to nail my level right away.

The Quizzes Are Organized by CEFR Scale

CEFR stands for “Common European Framework of Reference” and is used to determine how fluent you are in a language.

The CEFR is broken down into the following categories, from beginner to native speaker:

  • A1 (Beginner)
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2 (Very Advanced)
choose your own adventure Kwiziq

I love that Kwiziq has broken up the grammar categories by organizing them into A1-C1 because this can really help you push from one level to the next.

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It’s notoriously hard to get through plateaus in language learning (like the infamous intermediate plateau, getting from intermediate to advanced) and when you have it organized like this, you can focus your time on what matters most.

You Can Quiz Your Study Plan or Choose a Quiz by Level

I love that I can choose whether to follow the study plan that Kwiziq automatically sets up for me or I can choose to practice grammar concepts by the level (A1-C1).

If I’m feeling a bit tired, I’ll just stick to reviewing, but if I feel like pushing myself a bit, I’ll take lessons from the level right above where Kwiziq has placed me.

The Notebook Keeps Track of What You Need to Learn

One of the things that really sold me on Kwiziq was the “My Notebook” feature. As someone who really loves metrics and keeping track of things, I felt like I was always learning some French grammar concept and then forgetting it existed until coming across it months or even years later.

My notebook on Kwiziq

The “My Notebook” function in Kwiziq solves that problem by allowing you to take quizzes, then you can add the concept that you got wrong to your Notebook to study later.

I no longer lose track of what I’m worst at in my languages anymore! A blessing and a curse, for sure lol.

You Can Keep Track of Your Achievements

Although I’ve slacked off this month, I usually really love checking my achievements and seeing the numbers go up (well, honestly, I love doing that with basically everything!)

Here’s my achievement dashboard for French:

Achievements on Kwiziq

Here’s my achievement dashboard for Spanish:

My Achievements on Kwiziq

The Brainmap Helps You Visualize What You’ve Learned

The first time I saw the brainmap on Kwiziq I was literally blown away. I don’t know what it is about this thing, but honestly, I thought (and still think) it’s absolutely genius.

So much of language learning is so hard to keep track of. You can’t measure your success or how far you’ve come. But Kwiziq created this adorable map that is basically like if you could see the inside of your brain with how much you’ve learned of French or Spanish grammar.

Here’s my brainmap for French:

brainmap on kwiziq

It’s interactive as well, so you can click through and improve concepts from here if that feels more satisfying than doing it in the main dashboard. I love looking at this and seeing the spots change color and seeing how much progress is being made.

French brainmap on kwiziq

Seeing a language this way makes learning grammar seem attainable and maintainable, two things that I really have struggled with as a language learner.

study based on brainmap on Kwiziq french

You Can Follow Your Improvement Timeline for Motivation

Obviously, I have some improving to do, but if you’re looking for more ways to motivate yourself, Kwiziq has provided yet another way to measure your language learning.

improvement timeline for kwiziq

The Repetition Helps You Learn Grammar Quickly

Learning grammar seriously makes my eyes turn glassy and focusing on it gives me a headache. Instead of trying to study each of the grammar concepts, I just take a ton of quizzes and see what I’ve gotten wrong and keep doing that over and over and over until I stop making that mistake.

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Do I need to understand every single reason why what I’m doing is wrong? No.

Sometimes if I’m in the mood or if I’m really not getting it, I’ll click on the Grammar Lessons that are available in Kwiziq and read through quickly. But most of the time, I’d much rather learn through trial and error.

The Listening Practice is Insanely Helpful

Ever turned on Netflix or Youtube to get some listening practice for your language, but you can’t understand a single word being said?

It’s way too high above your comprehension level, but how do you even focus enough to eventually get to that level?

I think Kwiziq has got this figured out better than any other platform I’ve used before.

Basically, you choose your level (I highly recommend only doing your level and one right above) and then you choose a topic.

listening exercice for French kwiziq

You listen to that transcript in sections and you transcribe it as you go.

This is a seriously awesome method to figure out whether you’re hearing what was said properly or not. We did this exercise when I was at Alliance Française in Nice and I realized how effective it was, especially for studying French.

So often I would get the same words wrong, or I would spell the tenses differently. This would reveal my weak spots and even show me which tenses I hadn’t learned yet.

I love that Kwiziq only gives you a few words at a time so you can really focus and make sure you’re hearing correctly without getting overwhelmed.

listening practice on kwiziq

As you go through the transcript, it will correct you and you can grade yourself based on how you did. I take off one point for every mistake I made.

scores on listening practice kwiziq

Kwiziq Review: Cons

Not always correct, kind of like Google Translate

UPDATE: This mistake has been fixed!

I’ve noticed a few times while on Kwiziq that something was phrased a bit odd and I would double-check with the comments or on Google and it would confirm that. Below, you can see it says “vous payez en carte?” and they respond “en carte.”

However, in real conversations in French, you would say “par carte” instead of “en carte.”

reading practice kwiziq

The Reading Practice Could Be Better

When you’re tested on reading on a language test, you usually have to read a short excerpt of something and then answer some questions to check your reading comprehension.

The reading practice section of Kwiziq only provides short (and not always accurate) excerpts, but no questions or any way to really test your comprehension.

You can click on the words to find out their meaning, but LingQ does this much better since you can then save those words and study them later.

Not sure there’s much of a point in spending any time reading on Kwiziq. Like I said, LingQ would be the best app available for building reading comprehension skills and a great vocabulary.

Not Great for Learning Vocabulary

Since they sometimes use words that a native speaker wouldn’t use, I think there are better language-learning apps & sites for learning vocabulary.

In my opinion, Memrise, LingQ, and Anki would be the best for learning vocabulary.

No Speaking Practice

For me, this isn’t that much of a con. I’d much rather a language-learning platform do one thing super well and then let other platforms take over where they left off.

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Kwiziq doesn’t have any speaking practice, but why would you need it to when you have iTalki?

4 Alternatives to Kwiziq

1. ChatGPT

The only resource I’ve used so far that came close to or beat Kwiziq for learning grammar and writing practice was ChatGPT.

The main downside is that ChatGPT cannot teach grammar or create quizzes for you that it can correct. Trust me, I’ve tried.

When I created a quiz for myself, I knew one of the answers I gave ChatGPT was correct, even though ChatGPT marked it wrong.

ChatGPT also can’t keep track of your progress within the CEFR scale like Kwiziq can.

However, I would definitely recommend telling stories in your target language to ChatGPT and asking it to correct everything you write. I found this was the best writing practice I’ve gotten without going to a school.

2. Babbel

Babbel is known for being able to teach grammar super well, and definitely better than Duolingo. However, it lacks good measurement and motivational stats that would keep me on the app.

I loved the lessons, but I wish there was a better dashboard or rewards system.

3. Memrise

Like I mentioned before, Kwiziq is great at a lot of things, but weak with vocabulary-building. I would recommend using Memrise alongside Kwiziq to focus on both grammar and vocab.

Memrise is a gamified flash-card app & website that has official language courses and user-generated ones.

You can use it for free up to a point, but I highly recommend getting a lifetime subscription or monthly subscription so you can keep track of what vocab and phrases you have learned.

4. iTalki

Since Kwiziq doesn’t have a way to practice speaking, iTalki is the best alternative out there!

I’ve been using iTalki for years and definitely credit it for being able to become conversational in Italian and working towards that with French. Using both iTalki and Kwiziq together would be a great way to cover all your bases.

Is Kwiziq Better Than Duolingo?

In a lot of ways, Kwiziq is much better than Duolingo. Especially if you’re comparing the new Duolingo with the past one (I’m not a huge fan of the update, unfortunately!)

Duolingo is great for repetition and accessibility but has never been great at teaching grammar concepts. You can learn the concepts by trial and error through Duolingo, but Kwiziq can actually teach you as you make those mistakes.

Overall: Kwiziq is Definitely Worth Trying Out

I’m sure the future of language learning will look a lot more like Kwiziq, with AI helping us along the way (Duolingo has already started adding this a bit!) I think Kwiziq will only get better and is one of the best ways currently to learn grammar by yourself from home.

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