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How to Say Happy Birthday in Bulgarian

Have a Bulgarian friend or family member? Surprise them on their special day by wishing them a happy birthday in Bulgarian. Here, we’ll let you know how to spell and pronounce happy birthday, along with some extra celebratory phrases, and even how to sing the birthday song in Bulgarian. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

How to Say Happy Birthday in Bulgarian

If you’re looking to wish someone a happy birthday in Bulgarian, you’d write it as Честит Рожден ден. If you’re trying to pronounce happy birthday, it’s “Chestit rojden den”.

Alternate Celebratory Phrases in Bulgarian

Sometimes you want to say something other than happy birthday. If you want to extend it to happy birthday to you, you’d write Честит рожден ден на теб or say “Chestit Rojden den na teb”.

Running a bit late with your birthday wishes? If you’re looking to say happy belated birthday, you’d write Честит Рожден ден на патерица or say “Chestit rojden den na pateritza”.

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Maybe you want a more generic celebratory phrase that you can use for a wide range of occasions. This can be super handy and covers a lot more bases.

Want to tell someone to have a nice day? Simply write Приятен ден or say “Priyaten den”. This is commonly used as a sign-off phrase, so use it at the end of a call, conversation, or email chain. 

The most widely used celebratory phrase is probably congratulations. You can use it for everything from exam results to new houses to a new baby and beyond. If you’re looking to learn just one Bulgarian word or phrase to cover a multitude of scenarios, this is the one.

If you’re writing it down, you’d put Поздравления which is pronounced “Pozdrav-leniya”.

How to Sing the Happy Birthday Song in Bulgarian

One of the best parts of other people’s birthdays is obviously the cake. Before we get to the cake, you normally have to sing the obligatory birthday song. Everyone looks a little bit awkward, someone sings massively out of tune, and one person tries to show off the fact that they can actually sing. It’s tradition.

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The happy birthday song in Bulgarian follows the same tune and format as the English version. So, the translation remains:

“Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you [name]

Happy birthday to you!”

Pretty straightforward right? If you’re writing down the happy birthday song in Bulgarian for whatever reason, this is what it looks like:

“Честит рожден ден на теб

Честит рожден ден на теб

Честит рожден ден на теб [name]

Честит рожден ден на теб”

In terms of pronunciation, this is how the happy birthday song should sound in Bulgarian, phonetically speaking:

“Chestit rojden den na teb

Chestit rojden den na teb

Chestit rojden den na teb [name]

Chestit rojden den na teb”

Check out this Youtube video for help:

So, there you have it! A few different ways for you to wish your friend or family member happy birthday in Bulgarian. Remember to practice the pronunciation before their actual birthday, so you can get it right – Bulgarian isn’t the easiest language to master!

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