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The Best Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Maui is the ideal destination for some of the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world, and there’s no better way to experience it than on a glass-bottom boat tour.

These tours are led by knowledgeable guides and crew who will point out all the amazing things you’ll see beneath the waves, from colorful fish and coral to turtles and stingrays.

And of course, you’ll also get to enjoy Maui’s amazing scenery above-water as well which will make for a great photo opportunity.

There are several different glass-bottom boat tour operators in Maui, so be sure to do your research before booking a tour.

Some things you may want to consider include the size of the boat (larger boats can accommodate more people but may not offer as intimate an experience), the length of the tour (some are only an hour long while others can last up to four hours), and the price.

The Best Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tours

When it comes to glass bottom boats in Maui, there are very few options. If you are looking for more options then try a place like Oahu. Here are the best (and only options) when it comes to taking a Maui glass bottom boat.

1. Reef Dancer Dive Show Semi-Sub Boat Cruise with Underwater Views from Lahaina Harbor

Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $54 per person

Duration: 1.2 hours

Departs From: Lahaina, HI

Rating: 4.5/5 (240+ reviews) Best Tour

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What’s Included: If scuba diving isn’t your thing, this excursion is for you. Prepare for an underwater show while lounging on a glass bottom boat where every seat is a window seat in the underwater viewing cabin.

Various kinds of animals such as octopus, urchins, crabs, and starfish are brought to the windows by a scuba diver, resulting in every trip being exciting and educational with our experienced narrator. This is a fun activity for the whole family and is perfect for a family tour.

2. Clear Bottom Kayak Tour Adventure- West Maui Treasure Hunt

Hawaii Glass Bottom Boat
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Price: $79 per group (up to 2 people)

Duration: 2 hours

Departs From: Lahaina, HI

Rating: 5/5

What’s Included: Even if you are not comfortable or capable of swimming in the deep blue, at Glassy Kayaks they’ll want to allow you to see Hawaii in a unique and intimate way by using their kayaks to see aquatic life like sea turtles and other exotic critters with a view of the reef below you!

Their kayaks are of the highest quality and have been designed specifically to prevent flipping with outrigger stabilizer floats, making it simple to get in and out while in the water without sacrificing visibility.

Why Go on a Maui Glass Bottom Boat Tour?

While there are many options to view the underwater world in Maui, a glass bottom boat tour is by far the best way to see everything that the ocean has to offer without getting wet!

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The boats have large windows that allow for unobstructed views for an underwater viewing adventure, and a knowledgeable reef expert will point out all of the different fish, coral, and other organisms that you’ll see on the tour.

These tours are great for nature lovers and have so many trip highlights in this Hawaiian paradise.

What Can I Expect to See on My Tour?

You’ll see a wide variety of tropical fish, including parrotfish, angels, Humuhumunukunukuapua (aka triggerfish, Hawaii’s State Fish), wrasses, reef fish, and more.

You may also see turtles, eels, stingrays, octopuses, and other invertebrates. If you’re lucky, you might even see a whale or dolphin!

You get a fantastic combination of the Hawaiian land and sea!

Is the Tour Suitable for Children?

Yes, the tour is suitable for children of all ages. The guides will make sure that everyone on the tour has a fun and educational experience.

With large viewing windows and fun tasks, they will be entertained with this undersea life adventure!

What Should I Wear on the Tour?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. You also should wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Do I Need to Bring Anything with Me on the Tour?

We recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle so that you can stay hydrated during the tour. You may also want to bring a towel and a change of clothes if you plan on getting wet.

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You should also bring a camera to capture pictures of underwater life.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel your tour, you will need to do it 24 hours in advance. They will provide a full refund if you cancel with at least 24 hours notice.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled tour, they will charge a 50% cancellation fee. No-shows will be charged the full amount of the tour.

Make sure that you check local weather conditions to see if bad weather is heading your way and if it is then think about booking some different days.

How Long Does the Tour Last?

The tour lasts approximately 1-2 hrs. It is a wonderful combo of full visual enjoyment and who knows! Maybe you’ll even find some hidden treasure while exploring the underwater world of Maui.

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